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September 05 2003

2nd part of e-comic "Jonathan" online (It's heavy on action.)

I really enjoyed this little snippet of BtVS, next week's ecomic is a belter btw.
I love his thoughts on Buffy's speech "a little overwritten..." very cool, very funny, very Jane.
*FWOOSH* "oof!"

Yeah, very Jane. =)
Was it just me or did the dusting of the vamps look a little green to you?
Looked green to me. I thought it was because they were Soviet vampires - you know, Chernobyl and all that. :-)
Maybe.Oh and was your heart racing when you saw that vamp shoot Giles?Mine was.
Ack! I know! Though, that doesn't exactly fit with the show, now does it? I thought that the "Superstar" world only lasted a few weeks in 'Jonathan time,' which means that Giles's head should have been all bandaged up in the ep. But maybe I'm mistaken and it lasted longer.
The "Superstar" world was laid on top of the real-world. Sort of like the deal with Dawn.

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