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April 01 2009

Inkworks Cards ceases operations. The company made Buffy, Angel, Spike, Firefly and Serenity trading cards.

I saw that too. So sad to see it happening. They did get several awards based on some of those sets.
It's interesting to count the number of special sets that they got to release for Buffy, but never got the chance to do it for Angel.
This is a shame.I have every set they did for Buffy and Angel.
That's too bad. I have a number of their sets and not just the Whedonverse ones. Very good cards.
!! I didn't know they did Firefly cards. I have 3 sets of the Buffy ones and I love them. I'm sad that they're closing down. They do great work.
:( still has Firefly/Serenity trading cards.

Some Buffy cards too and Firefly and Buffy binders.

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