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April 01 2009

The Guardian applauds Dollhouse's slow burn. Anna Pickard celebrates the joys of delayed gratification.

Another wait for episode 6 article. Nothing new.
It's a bit bizarre that The Guardian would publish this though, since no-one in the UK will have seen it by legal means. OK, so that doesn't mean that people aren't watching it, heck I am, but I'm surprised that a reputable newspaper would acknowledge this as an acceptable practice.
Well it's on t'internet so the blog can be read by international readers but yeah, i'm assuming Ms Pickard has been given screeners, all totally above board. Not so (presumably) for most of the commenters.

Beware of reading the comments BTW, HUGE spoiler for 'Dollhouse' about 6 comments in. "Luckily" i'd already been spoiled by a careless poster in a totally unrelated (and non-spoiler) thread on here.

It's interesting that, even in a positive review by a self-confessed fangirl, it's the "amoral approach" that was an initial worry. Noticed this from the start and it's a bit puzzling to me - I mean, we knew the show was going to walk a very dodgy line months before the premiere because the creator told us. Do most people really need the morality of fictional situations so unambiguously depicted ?
Do most people really need the morality of fictional situations so unambiguously depicted ?

Apparently, yes.
It's funny. I finally started 30Rock because of all the hype I've heard over the pat few years. After what to me was a very weak pilot I was hesitant to continue. But I thought how unfair of me to not give it at least 6-7 episodes if I was gonna then turn around and ask the same of others with Dollhouse! And then Dollhouse is more than twice as long as 30Rock, so really 12-14 episodes. So I did, and 30Rock got better. Certainly worth watching, makes me laugh from time to time as so few sitcoms do, so I'm probably on board for the full run at this point, though I doubt I'll ever watch it as it airs (not that it needs me to).
Saje, you've mentioned it in a couple of times, and it was obviously a huge spoiler for you, but I can't for the life of me figure out to what you are referring. I don't see any spoilers in those comments.
Well, there IS a spoiler for who plays Alpha in the comments, which is what I think Saje is referring to. Beware.
Yep, exactly m'cookies. To me that's pretty huge though I guess the line's different for different people.

ETA: That said, it's about 20 comments in so my remembered count was wayyyyy off ;).

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I get that spoiler in the Urgh! :(
People in the UK could have seen episodes on either iTunes or Hulu but there is no guarantee non-Whedon fans may have gone to the internet to find it. I have a feeling the article was more for non-fans who are interested and fans without much computer access as the article would have been in print as well.
Desert, Hulu and iTunes UK don't have Dollhouse accessible here. There's no legal means to watch it or get screeners here.
Plus, the Grauniad is switching to Twitter, so Anna had best learn to shorten her articles to things like "OMG, not gr8 @ 1st but Dollhouse == awesum LOLZ!".
@zetigeist LOLz!

"OMG Hitler invades Poland, allies declare war see for more"; and "JFK assassin8d @ Dallas, def. heard second gunshot from grassy knoll WTF?"

Just what korkster said.
Do most people really need the morality of fictional situations so unambiguously depicted ?

Thinky-thoughts hurt brain?

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