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April 01 2009

'This is going to be one of the best horror-thrillers ever made'. Brian White gets all excited for Cabin in the Woods.

Iím definitely familiar with him and I feel really blessed to work with somebody who makes such quality horror and thriller films...
Um, like what?

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Clearly you haven't seen 'Toy Story - Unrated Edition'. The scene where the Green Dinosaur finally attacks will stay with me always *shivers*.
Reavers are scary. They're like faster, more evil zombies with spaceships!
Flying zombies could be the pinnacle of the zombie form. Or maybe flying ninja zombies.
He does indeed seem very excited about everything ever.
Ninja zombie pirates.
Ninja zombie pirates.

I'd watch that.
How come everyone's calling it Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods everywhere? I mean yeah, he wrote it, but he wrote it along with Drew Goddard who is the director, so doesn't that make it slightly more Drew Goddard's movie? Or is it like J. J. Abrams's Cloverfield and George Lucas's The Empire Strikes Back?
I'd watch that.

Cowboy Astronauts versus Flying Ninja Zombie Pirates.

© & ™ me BTW. *waits for millions to roll in*
Cowboy Astronauts versus Flying Ninja Zombie Pirates.

Versus Cavemen.
It's a natural sequel.

In the third one they all fight evil versions of themselves (or good versions, as applicable). Can't think of much for the fourth one so we may just have them rid the world of nuclear weapons.
Ninja zombie pirates.

Isn't that basically Pirates of the Caribbean?
Can't the fourth one be a musical? When do we get to the singing?
How come everyone's calling it Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods everywhere?

It started back in 1997 when he decreed that every creative project he was personally involved with from that point onward would be referred to as such. You forgot the required TM. His collaborators all go along with it because A) nothing gets you a lot of press like being on a Whedon project, B) nothing lets you avoid the inevitable fan backlash like being invisibly attached to a Whedon project, and C) the last person to laugh at this directive was Sean Maher.

Also I think people see JOSS WHEDON and stop reading the other names, to be honest. I'm equally psyched about that Goddard guy whats-his-name myself, but then again I'd post to Goddardesque if there was such a place.
LOL Sunfire. Is Sean still in that basement? It's been a while...
How sad (for me and my brain cells) ... I can't even remember who Brian White played on Moonlight, and I liked the show. He sure brings the pretty, that Brian.
A draft of "Cabin in the Woods" has been passing around online for a over a month or so now and it has mostly gotten pretty awful critiques...

Anything I hear about how it may supposedly play out or truly be about, the more worried I am which kiss me because -- well, it's Jossy (and Drew)!

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Actually, I've not seen them be mostly awful.* I have seen a lot of people not understanding what it was doing; and other people reviewing the script in the context of the bogus reports that Joss was calling it a "game changer" for the genre, which he never did, and so they were out to slam it to prove him wrong.

* At least the ones I've come across.

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Well, I've seen many negative responses and if the film is truly as campy and comedy-centered (intentionally or unintentionally) as many claim by at least the given draft of the script, that's not at all good news for me.

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*shrug* IMHO, most of the negs I've seen are from people who didn't grok it, or who were out to slam it. The draft that's going around is for a film that's doing something very specific. If you understand what it's doing (and, honestly, it's not like it's especially opaque), I don't think it's as easy to dismiss as some people have tried to make it out to be.

Too many people have gone into reading the draft with preconceptions (or even agendas), both positive and negative, and it's coloring their read.

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Drew is one of the best writer/directors in the world

Isn't CITW Goddard's first as a director?
Correct, wisengrund.

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