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April 01 2009

Tim Minear posts a tribute video for Andy Hallett on Facebook. "Andy was a natural. "Angel" was his first acting gig. Joss came up with the character of The Host (later known as Lorne) with Andy as in inspiration". And Charisma Carpenter had this to say about Andy yesterday, "Andy was a beacon of love and laughter".

More from Tim.

"Andy had to read for the role -- and won it. Then he became our inspiration in writing the character. His character may have been the easiest to write, because we just wrote it for him."

Is there a link somewhere for those of us not on Facebook?
I created a fake account, does it work?
Awww, Such a touching and beautiful tribute to Andy. I love how Tim included some of the best scenes.
I created a fake account, does it work?

I admire your keenness and helpfulness but it might not be the best idea to have details of a fake Facebook account bandied about the place. There is a chance that the video could be uploaded onto Tim Minear's YouTube channel so keep checking back there. And I found some nice words said by Charisma so I'll that to your entry.
Thanks for posting that. There are other tribute pages up as well.

A video tribute from B_Mac at has 2 pages for Andy. Page One & Page Two

I created a memorial fund page at the American Heart Association website for Andy.

Wireimage pays tribute to Andy

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Yes, the account works, thanks.
That was beautiful! Thanks, Tim!!
I'm sorry Simon, I just didn't think it would be illegal or anything. It's not, right? I understand your concern, though. I hope it'll be up on Youtube soon.
Aw man, I am going to miss that guy.
I saw this yesterday. It's incredibly nice of Tim to put this up on Facebook.
Wish I could see it. I'll keep an eye on his youtube.
That was a beautiful tribute.
I hope it'll be up on Youtube soon.

Me too. Thanks for posting it. Much appreciated.
Well, I can't log in here on Firefox nor can I leave a comment at Facebook. April Fools is turning out well for me.

Tim, thank you for the lovely salt-water inducing videos at Facebook. There can never be enough Andy as Lorne, but they will have to do.
I hope someone puts it on Youtube.
I'm going to miss Andy so much.
Lovely and sad-making, and very dear. Thanks, Tim Minear.

(And from my own experience, I know that making a tribute can be one of the best first responses to grief - it does help... a little.)
Wonderful tribute from Tim, and from the links RavenU provided.

The last two Pylea episodes were on Angel this a.m. on TNT, and I just kept tearing up through them thinking about Andy's death.
Well.. I'll be checking back here to see if there's an alternate way to view it. Hope one turns up.. :(
Not to be crass, but does that AHA memorial contributions page have his family's permission, as per the AHA's site rules for those pages?
This is a lovely tribute, and it means a lot to me. I'm still feeling the need for things like tributes (I'm pleased that so many papers across the country have picked up the obituary and that Andy's work is being remembered by so many people around the world).
Bix you notice it also said the honorees permission. I was lucky enough to talk to Andy several times and we talked about a lot of things, one of those was how he would want to be remember. He said he didn't care as long as he was remember. I couldn't think of a better way to do that. Andy did a lot of charity fundraising for things like diabetes, which a couple of his friends had, as well as anything to raise money to help others. He had scared me back then, and I asked what would he want people to do for him, not suprisingly he didn't think anyone would do anything for him. Back in 2005 he said do something charitable and in typical Andy fashion he said maybe it would score him a few points. So I took him up on that this week and hopefully he's getting a few points where ever he is resting his head. I hope that answered your question.

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Has his family put out a statement? Usually they say how they want their loved one remembered/where to send donations/etc.
I was able to download the MP4 (Quicktime) off of Facebook.
Is it against rules/ offensive / wrong
to put it on my website for download?
You know, for those who can not access it through Facebook.

19MB File

Let me know, or email me and I can send you the link...

I was waiting for someone to say no...

electro-mail addy
iphone at wilhelmwolf dot com

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Just hypothetically, wilhelm - how would one email you?

Allegedly. ; >

(My email address, for example, is - essentially - in my profile.)
Beautiful tribute. Time to wipe my eyes.
Tim has posted another video tribute for Andy; it's quite lovely. (I wasn't sure it was quite front page worthy since we already had this post, though.)

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