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September 05 2003

What's next for Emma Caulfield? Her own documentary project by the looks of it.

Abercrombie & Fitch? How strange...nice interview though.
Heh. Especially in light of D'Hoffryn's admiring remark in "Selfless".
Actually (though you wouldn't personally catch me dead wearing A&F) the people behind that corporation are probably "hip" enough to realize that that one line from D'Hoffryn was publicity worth at least the cost of a single television commercial, if not wholly priceless. The D'Hoffryn mention of A&F helps solidify the company's place in modern american culture. Kinda like when Elliot used Recees Pieces instead of M&Ms to lure E.T. into his house. Though less than a few seconds long, it was IN the show and quite a memorable delivery. Nothing like seing your name out there in a subtle but effective way that sticks in the brains of such a large number of people, without even having to lift a finger. In other words, you cannot buy advertising that good, and even bad publicity is still good publicity.

That's one of the better photos of Caulfield that I've ever seen. Very nice article overall and usually I find such things too fluffy. The story about her accepting drinks from fans at Starbucks is eye-opening. She's a psych major with her head firmly on her shoulders. Researching animal rights on one browser, ordering leather handbags an alt-tab away. Yeah that's my kinda woman too. *smirk*
You know, a big scarlet A used to be a reason to get to know someone.
Actually, Emma being interviewed by A&F isn't too odd considering the fact that James and Emma were featured in a catalog, complete with interviews and photos, in late 2000:

"...Alloy, which has linked up with Jive records for promotions, kicked off the back-to-school shopping season by featuring James Marsters and Emma Caulfield from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer on its catalog cover."
Of course she is being rather cheeky with this new project of hers. Where do you think she's headed with it? Her description was kinda revealing and yet can ya vague that up for me?

"It was a project I started working on that has changed and morphed into something bigger and different.. It's one of those great moments that I may never have again. But everyone will see.. It will be out some time next year."

M'kay.. We ARE talking about acting, right?
Let's launch a rumour. Mebbe she's preggers.
Ha ha ha, that totally fits in with what she said too. Kudos. :)

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