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April 01 2009

Video of on-set Terminator prank featuring Summer Glau. To complement the below Dollhouse prank.

Granted, Summer doesn't say an awful lot. Mods, feel free to add this to the Dollhouse thread if necessary.

Summer's reaction makes this video watchable for me, it's funnier than the prank. I don't think she was having a good day...
Yeah Summer was not into this at all.
That was just... insanely awkward to watch. I have a new found fondness for Thomas Dekker, though! 1) He seems pretty cool and 2) He doesn't speak with that husky John Connor voice that he does in the show.

ETA: Bones's one is the best.

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Yeah ... Summer was less than thrilled for the entire thing
It was just a really awkward prank. I think Thomas Dekker was the only reason it was entertaining to me. When he started wondering about Broadway that was hilarious.

ETA: Bones's one is the best.

It really was. I'm betting Boreanaz had a hand in that. Strangely, the Dollhouse and House ones were nearly identical with strange people waiting on the elevator to surprise the characters.
It sounds like they got yanked out of something to do the prank.. so Summer probably was in a different headspace. Plus she's pretty shy from when I met her on ME Day.
I don't understand that prank at all. "I'm annoying!" "Wait guys, April Fools! I'm annoying on PURPOSE!" Huh?
Agreed. It lacked that certain... whatsitcalled... humor? Joke?
*still giggling at the Bones one*
I'm with you there. But this prank did give me more love for the actors to put up with that.

The Bones & House pranks were much better. They should have done something similar for T:TSCC.
Bones and House pranks were the best. David's face when he is laughing is priceless.
This was supposed to be funny? Then again, this seems consistent with Fox's 'humor' in the Summer and Eliza hosting thing, which was only watchable because of Summer and Eliza. Plus the whole fact that the show is doomed and I won't be getting to see Summer on TV weekly anymore sort of makes any 'prank' not really humorous at all.

As a side note, I think I've been reading to many British novels, because I kept on wanting to spell humor as humour. Then again I do already spell armor as armour for no reason...
Does fox ever have a real contest for fans/bloggers to visit the set? Does anyone feel offended that a paid shill was passing herself off as a fan? As an excuse to impose herself on the actors and they must endure her politely.

But it is spelled humour. And colour. And such. :)
Opposite of funny. And I don't get the House one. It's a marching band? Ha..ha..ha..

Bones is the only actual prank.
Did I miss the funny? I missed the funny.
Mr Dekker, while not playing John, is setting off my 'dar. Am I alone with this feeling?
Nope, not alone.
The 'dar is lighting up a bit.
Why does it even matter?
Oh, I liked the House one. And the Bones one. Terminator? Not so much.
"Why does it even matter?"

Simple curiosity. Could be worse, I could read US Weekly or watch American Idol.
I'm with Brian on this one... Just silly. Also, I felt for Summer in a big old way. Having my time wasted is never fun, either.
Yeah... since when is a terrible interview a prank? They already have to deal with that in regular interviews?
Arsenal Ummm...'scuse me? Idol fan here. I love to see young talent given the chance to shine.

I saw the Chef MajorlyCrankyDude Gordon Ramsay one tonight and it was just...lame. It looked so fake. Of course there was a head under the lid. Duh.

I'd heard that David LOVES pranks and practical jokes - Emily Deschanel said David horses around on the set of Bones, and it's very hard for them to keep in character sometimes when he's off-camera.

Andy told us @MCB that David and Dayne would yank off "Lorne's" horns after filming wrapped every day. One of them would distract Andy & the other would sneak up and rip off a horn. They kept a bucket of them.
Well, I like the actors better after this. And it was kind of interesting to see Summers rather sceptical expression. But the real fun part is that just before the end one can hear Thomas Dekker (I think it was) tell the annoying woman that she was a lot more solid then most of the other people that come to visit them. I wonder how many things like this thay have to put up with?
Actually Satai, I thought that was just a sorta friendly "no hard feelings" thing where he was comparing her to actual guest stars on the show, not necessarily incessant fan greetings.

That said, I do sorta feel bad for the actors anyway since while I know sometimes people are inclined to goof off just for the sake of it, they really can't have proven their observational skills or BS detectors given how I assume none of these were remotely filmed near April First.
I'm a bit disturbed by Thomas Dekker's real voice. Sounded like he'd been breathing helium or something.
Summer's look on her face from 2.45 to 2.50 is priceless. She's like, WTF am I doing here, I miss the Firefly set where people were actually funny.
lol. Totally agree with Lynch.
I think I had the exact same facial expressions as Summer watching this. It wasn't funny and that woman was really annoying.
J.I.G. your interpretation of Summers look is probably correct. Or it might have been a cleaverly concealed ...urge to kill rising... must wait 'til the camera is gone... rising... kind of look ;)
Arsenal, while young Mr. Dekker certainly does set off one's 'dar, he actually has had quite a long-term relationship with a young lady. But from what little I know of him, though, I imagine he'd be happy going along in another direction as well. He seems very friendly and outgoing and open minded.

Personally, I thought all the April Fool's "jokes" were pretty lame, but the TSCC one was the very worst. Aside from the look on Summer's face.
Brian - haha. I agree!
The woman was incredibly irritating!

I didn't get the House one, wasn't really a prank, but it was definitely much better. Bones was the best though - it had to be because of David: he loves goofing around.
I thought that was just a sorta friendly "no hard feelings" thing where he was comparing her to actual guest stars on the show, not necessarily incessant fan greetings.

Actually Dekker said at the very beginning that she did a good job right after her intro. So it wasn't about "no hard feelings". He said "very good" and nods right after she finishes the intro. It was only until the crazy questions started that he got weirded out.

Summer's face for those five seconds is hilarious.
The Bones one was great ... thanks for putting the link in.
Bones one was great :D
Loved David's facial expression!

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