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April 01 2009

Cabin in the Woods Script Under Lock and Key (or probably not). Devin Faraci at CHUD describes how Wolverine might have leaked, and claims no media is truly secure, not even Joss's script.

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Hmm, I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error.
It's common knowledge that a draft of the script has been going around the net for over a month, at least.
J Linc,

Wasn't that the fake script that Joss released to the wild?
There is definitely a script (or draft of a script) circulating the net.
Anonymous1, I don't think Joss released a fake script. He said they had been releasing their own misinformation (like casting rumors and a fake synopsis) in order to throw off spoiler-seekers.
Is anyone else getting a 403 error? My link works.
The script is widely-available among different script trading circles and forums.
Seeing as we had a script review thread about a month ago, this is not a complete shock to me.
What do they mean Wolverine might have leaked? I thought he was house-broken.
Fair enough. Just thought it deserved a link, since it was making the rounds on RT, etc.
Also, the article suggests that Hollywood insiders still think the script is locked down (as much as scripts can be, at least), meaning maybe the one we've seen is a fake.
Actually, it suggests that they did think it was locked down. Not that they still do right now.
Wow, can't win today. If we're gonna nitpick, I suppose he does use the past tense, but it's a new article, so that tense could mean yesterday or last month.
As long as nothing about the script - real, fake or from another dimension - shows up here without a Spoiler tag, I'll be happy.

I'll never understand why so many people apparently would rather know all about a movie/show before it's even finished filming, much less actually airs.
The word "spoiler" means .... um, the experience is spoiled, once you know all about it before the opening credits even roll.

ETA: obviously IMO, but I find the mad search for everything you can find out about something the creators want to save for release, really irritating and incomprehensible.

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What do they mean Wolverine might have leaked? I thought he was house-broken.

Hee hee. Ew.
That explains was from another dimension. Could be pretty close to the real thing then depending on the timestamp.

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