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April 02 2009

March Madness - The Whedonverse Character Tourney FINALE. The final round is Buffy vs. Spike!

The voting ends Friday April 3rd at 11:59pm.

Only misogynists, NAMBLA members or Welshmen would vote against Buffy!
I voted for Spike. I think my grandfather may have been Welsh.
Bloody Hell... Now I don't know who am I gonna vote for.. It's my two very favourites..
But I think..I think..I think it must be Buffy...

But I do love Spike so much!

But it's Buffy....'s Spike...
oh thanks "anything"! Honestly, I'm surprised the Buffster is losing so badly to Blondie bear, but I guess I shouldn't be. He's loved and she was losing to Giles at one point, as well! It's just that she's....Buffy.

The Vampire Slayer.
Buffy > Spike.
Hey, Wyndam-Pryce, we're not supposed to be talking about shipping.;)

Oh, I have a dirty mind...
who came up with these brackets?!
They were randomly chosen, alittledarkcorner.
Buffy > Spike FTW!
Buffy. It's got to be Buffy.
Oh yeah, it's the Buffster all the way. :)
Spike > Willow?? Oh come on...
There are an insane amount of votes going on there. Props to them for having to count it all. I'm looking forward to the finale!
Well, it has to be Buffy
Yes but which season :p.
I'd say that Buffy vs Spike could go either way, as whoever had the upper hand would inevitably spare the other at the last possible moment, and choose to snog them instead.
What missb said. I refuse to vote. ;)
Heh, missb.

I voted for Buffy. But Spike's going to win this. He's always[1] been the most popular Buffyverse character. It's a shame none of the other characters made it. Neither Buffy or Spike were ever my favorites. It was always Willow, Xander or Giles for me. And Oz, for a while there.

[1]well, not always, seeing as he wasn't there from the start and didn't play that big a part for the first three seasons anyway ;)
I have never been a Buffy fan, Spike is the reason I watched seasons 4-7, he was the true champion, fought for his soul and did not need Buffy to be good, see Angel S5
Buffy will win, unless she wants Spike to win. But if he did win, wouldn't a couple hundred slayers be there to kick his ass afterwards? Just a thought.
I voted for Buffy. Spike is awesome, but slayer has to beat vampire.

Though I think I'm fighting a losing battle here.
I like the mythology behind Spike's character... but...

I vote for Anya.

K. Buffy.
Buffy, without thinking twice. I love her.

Has this poll been posted yet?

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