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April 02 2009

Cards for Andy Hallett's family. Andy's agent let Whedonesque know that Andy's parents have set up a PO Box for cards. The address is as follows.

Andy Hallett
PO Box 924

No decision has yet been made about a charity but when it is, the news will be posted here.

It'd be nice if we could take up a collection for flowers or something, anybody interested could pitch in. But I'll definitely be sending a card within the next couple of days.
Thanks for letting us know, Simon.
Thanks Simon ... jwa - We'd need a different address for flowers though wouldn't we???
Thank you for posting this Simon. I have noticed all the papers across the country picking up the Andy Hallett obituary, talking about his career, and I was hoping that his parents were noticing and realizing the legacy of love their wonderful son left behind. He will never be forgotten.
Yes, I don't think you can send flowers to a PO Box, so cards only.
Thanks Simon!
I just meant in general, for the funeral, not the p.o. box. Is there no way we can get an address for something like that?
Thank you Simon. I would be willing to do that josswhedonaddict.
Thanks, Simon - it's good to have a place to write something that you know his folks can read & be a little comforted by the knowledge that he was valued & appreciated in his short lifetime.

And thanks so much - I'll keep my eye out here for official info on where they would like donations made in his memory.

ETF: typo

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Has anybody seen anything on the infotainmet shows about Andy's death? I haven't! Not on E!News, Extra, EW.
Good to have this info. So sad to think of them reading all the cards & letter.
Christian Kane put up a message and video over at his my space page about the loss.
Nice to have this. I will definitely be sending something.
Nice to have this, yeah, thanks Simon. Seems like a good way to show his loved ones how much he meant to his fans.

I'll also be sure to keep paying attention for when the charity info pops up, because that still seems like the best way to remember him and have some good come from this terrible situation.
Don't know about the infotainment shows, but in my print edition of today's NY Times had this obituary, including the photo of Andy in character:
Simon, good on ya. Mr. and Mrs. Hallett will be inundated but I hope it will also prove uplifting for them as well to know he was beloved by the fandom and will always be remembered.
Christian Kane put up a message and video over at his my space page about the loss.

Where? A direct link would help because I can't find it.

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That is a direct link, it's under "About Christian Kane" on the myspace page. Click on Christian Kane in the post I made above.

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Yeah, thanks Simon for the info.
Thanks for the link, RavenU. That felt a little surreal watching that, what with the dancing girl with lights and the marathon clapping. Really cool.
Thanks for all the info and links. I'd love to know when they decide on a charity people might send contributions to.
I'm surprised that Joss hasn't released a statement yet.
Thank you to Pat and to the Hallett family for providing this outlet for the fandom, during what must be a devastating time for them.
Thanks for that Simon, I'll definitely be sending a card. And thanks to RavenU for the link. That was both joyful and incredibly sad.
Thanks for passing on the info Simon.

I hope if everyone only takes one thing from this, it's to take care of your teeth and see your dentist regularly.

My grandfather had a stroke about 10 years ago and his story sounds much like Andy's -- he had a cavity he didn't get to, and it caused an infection to get into his heart, causing internal bleeding and eventually a stroke. My grandfather's still around, but is much weaker and unable to do much anymore. Not how I'm sure he imagined his retirement would be.

If you won't do it for yourself, go see the dentist in memory of Andy!!
It was Shapenew who got the ball rolling on this so a big thanks to her for that.
Lorne exits stage left, leaving a cheering crowd. Gone, but not forgotten, he will forever be our eternally cheerful singing demon.

"It's not easy being green..."

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