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September 05 2003

Slayage: Number 9. New academic essays on the Buffyverse from The Online Journal of Buffy Studies.

Love Slayage. The Angel/Angelus article is wonderful. Gets to the heart of what a complicated character he (they?) have become. It was written at the end of S3 but it is even more intriguing (and dead-on accurate) in light of the events at the end end of S4.
For me, Apocalyptic Apocalypses: The Narrative Eschatology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the most interesting read, though there were some endings I think I would classify differently from him. Also it did get a little annoying to come across words ended in '-y' so often throughout the essay.
Narrative Eschatology is a great read, also. I hadn't read it at the time I posted. Personally, I found the Buffy-speak endearing.
I would love to see more thoughtful writing on 'Chosen'(which this essay hints at) as it's so important to the show's mythos.
I have just read one of David Lavery's earlier articles which is linked to in the bibliography of "The Narrative Eschatology": A Religion In Narrative. In it he reveals his plans to write a book "comparing and contrasting the creative processes of thirty-something Whedon and fifty-something David Chase, the television lifer who created The Sopranos". Great news, methinks!

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