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April 03 2009

Donations in memory of Andy Hallett. Andy's agent writes to say what the family wants donation wise in lieu of flowers. "When Andy was in high school his best friend lost his brother so the two boys put together a scholarship fund. Andy continued to raise money til his death for this". The address for the fund is as follows.

The Jason A Fedele Memorial Scholarship
141 Winding Cove Road
Marstons Mills, MA


I will be overjoyed to contribute to this.
Thanks again Simon.

Money's tight right now, but maybe I can take part of my profit from my MK Biz to go into a donation.

I think this is a wonderful way to remember him, by supporting a cause that was near and dear to him, by ensuring that this scholarship will go on.

Just further proof that Andy was a first class, A+ #1 guy.

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My check will be in the mail next week. :)
I believe it is fine (and the mail will still get there) but the postal code for Mass is actually MA.

US standard the address would be:

The Jason A Fedele Memorial Scholarship
141 Winding Cove Road
Marstons Mills, MA 02648
Thanks for this Simon.
Thank you Simon. After paying for my son's first year of college, I really love scholarship funds. Education is too important, will gladly donate.
I'm so glad we can send the support exactly where he would have wanted it to go.

And good point about the address, tabz.
I've posted a link to this (and the address for cards) over on the Starfury board. Andy was a regular at Starfury cons over here and there's been a lengthy discussion on ways to remember him at T1 in a few weeks' time and I thought this might help any decision making on what to do. :)
Thank you, Simon. I'm still mourning over Andy's tragic death. He was such a beautiful soul. In this way, we'll be following his legacy of kindness.
Thank you for posting this Simon, and really so long as the zip is right, it doesn't matter how you write out the state code/name (the postal machines are really geared to look at the numbers). I'm very happy to donate to something that the parents suggest, but I'm sure that donations made in Andy's name for heart research is also a very good thing. I will probably donate a small amount to both. Andy Hallett was so special to all of us, I just wish I could do more.
To save any potential problems at the post office, I've edited the address to factor in the shortened state postal code.
Is there any chance of setting up a Paypal account for this charity? It would make it easier to contribute, especially for those fans who might not be in the US.
Just a thought...
Yeah, missb, I was just about to ask the same thing. I wouldn't even know where to start to get cheques or anything (I'm assuming that's what the adress is for: to send cheques to?).
He did this while in High School? Wow. It's sad it was because of a loss, but impressive.

Ditto all the thanks for posting this.
Is there any possibility of us/anyone holding a special event in order to raise money for this charity? It would be wonderful to honor Andy's memory by screening 'The House Always Wins' or 'Spin the Bottle', perhaps at SDCC in July?
Is there anyone 'in the loop' who could advise on how to get the ball rolling?
I'm with missb & GVH , don't really know how to make donations to an adress in the US.. I'm going to a charity dinner tonight, so I'm going to check with who organized it and see if they know a safe way to do it, and if I get an answer I'll share it. But I think people from outside the states might need some other kind of account..
You can purchase an international money order at any bank or Bureau de Change and send it as you would send a cheque at home.
This fund appears to have been set up through the Barnstable, MA school system. At least, everything I find through Google points me there. I was unable to find any info about donating online, but emailed the Admin at the school's guidance office. Hoping she might have some info since she was listed as the general scholarship contact. I'll post here ASAP if/when I hear back from her next week.
I'm not sure that the fund is set up through the school. The address points to a business owned by the Fedele family, and it appears to be administered by Susan Fedele. The application is available to Nantucket high school seniors here.

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@ Whedonage: You were correct; the school doesn't administer the scholarship, only advertises for it.

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