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April 03 2009

Amber Benson Gets Mythical with 'Death's Daughter" - Part II. The actress/author/filmmaker talks about her influences, Neil Gaiman, and the music videos she's been making.

I didn't realize Amber and Adam were dating. Cool for them!
If I didn't already love Amber she would've had me at "Neil Gaiman". *swoon*
I really wish I'd read Death's Daughter before today - I'm going in to SupaNova to meet Amber in a few hours :D
I feel like there's a weird sort of irony that Adam and Amber are dating, considering their character-interaction on the show being primarily limited to Warren killing Tara...
Guess I'll have to add her book to my ever growing pile of to-be-read.

Anyone who loves American Gods and is influenced by The Hero with a Thousand Faces has probably woven a tale I'll be interested in reading. The Charlaine Harris influence is just a lovely bonus.
Just don't start reading it waiting it to be anything like American Gods. Death's Daughter was an easy to read, light fantasy/horror, but it did not really have the emotional effect of the Gaiman book. But, at least the plot, while not anything spectacular, held itself together and was interesting enough to read through.

However, I think the writing style was annoying at many points, and the book never really got away from the juvenile Sex in the City style (which was bad enough that I almost didn't make it through the first 2 chapters). And the hornyness, did anybody else find it extremely annoying that she found every single male she met extremely hot, enough to have trouble keeping her pants on?

Still, all in all, pretty decent book in the end. The non-romance parts were interesting, and the mythology was nice, clearly there was some thought put into it. With better editing the book could have been much better, but the juvenile hornyness of Calliope and the annoying annoying tone of the first chapters that did not wholly wash away by the end dropped it to 'nice to read once and forget about it' category for me. That makes it better than most fantasy I guess.
I enjoyed the hornyness as I just put Spike in place of all of the guys. LOL I did enjoy the humor of the book, but it is not a reread for me.
Or you know, maybe I won't bother. Hmm.

I think there is a difference between someone who is a good storyteller and someone who is a good writer. A good storyteller will keep me enthralled and therefore I will forgive quite a bit in terms of the delivery of said story. A good writer can make me high, brushing against a higher plane of existence just by the way they string words together. But I probably won't obsess about what they are trying to say.

Heaven is when the two are woven together. Unfortunately this is an extremely uncommon occurrence. With all the millions of books that have been printed, there is a reason some are classics and that we can actually list them. And then argue about that list, of course. ; )
I certainly wpouldn't've sought this book out if it weren't by Amber. I doubt I'd've enjoyed it as much either. But I did, plus it's the first autographed book I've owned since losing the house in '01.

I liked how she harmonized mythologies and even established a place for the Abrahamic God-with-a-capital-G in the whole thing; I would'nt'v'e done it the same way but thought how she did it worked fairly well.

It did grate how much she overused italics for emphasis,but maybe it was a characterization thing,a 21st Century 20-soemthing Manahattan version of a mid-80s Valley Girl. Might explain the horny-as-a-rhino bit as well. I'm not familiar enough with the paranormal romance sub-genre and its conventions to evaluate it in those terms.

And I liked her concept of Heaven in her interview. She migth not be aware of this, but a certain First Century fellow of my acquaintance advised us "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" which translates more correctly as "here among you."

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