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April 03 2009

The Write Environment's interview with Tim Minear. Conducted live at The Writers Store in LA last Saturday, now available via the Strike.TV website.

Thanks so much for the link. That was all kinds of awesome. I love listening to writers talking about their craft and Tim seems to make it sound almost effortless when we all know it isn't!
Very, very wonderful.
Jeffrey Berman does the best interviews. The Joss Whedon one was fabulous, too. ♥
That was really interesting, one of the best interview I've seen. Now I have to see the one with Joss.
Did anyone else get the thought that Dollhouse was already canceled before it made it to air by Tim's comments about the show in the past tense. Like they knew it wouldn't be renewed. Also I wonder if this is the talk Juliet tweeted about that she attended? I liked the interview overall. I like how he talked about what the performer brings to the writing, I found that interesting.
Really a great interview. Tim is 'made of awesome'.
RavenU, I'm not on Twitter, but I did see Juliet there.
Juliet was there and tim wasn't talking about Dollhouse in the past tense because it hadn't been canceled.
Hehe, the interviewer said Mully and Sculder. I always liked to refer to them in that way.

Excellent interview - also off to find this Joss one :)
Ran into David Fury at this years comic con. He finally agreed to sit down with me to do an interview. Now if I can just get to Jane and Marti.
Wow. How much more can I admire the handsome, talented and quippy Mr. Minear after watching that? Green-eyed jealousy that I don't get to attend these functions or don't have a conduit to finding out about them well in advance. No one will ever see this post, not that I care, but I just have to EXPOUND. That was fun.

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