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April 04 2009

What the papers says about Dollhouse episode 8. The A.V. Club gives 'Needs' an 'A' and calls it "stellar". ifMagazine says the episode is "another late season winner from a show that's went zero to hero rather quickly", TV Squad thinks that "with tonight's enjoyable episode, the series is getting better". And praiseworthy recaps of this episode can be found at Zap2it and

If you've found any other reviews or want to pimp your own review, please do post the link in the comments section.

"...that's went"? Really? Simon, that would make me itch to include a (sic), or perhaps the brackets of correction. :)

It's great to see good reviews of what I consider to be an excellent episode.
You know, you'd hope with all of these reviews that Fox would finally realize and let Joss do what he does best.

Then again they aren't the sharpest tool's in the shed.
Alan Sepinwall's review includes some interview commentary with Joss regarding "Needs." Well worth a look.
Thanks Maeve, for the link. My personal take on all this "ick factor" talk is that, what's actually at work is a "people don't want to think about serious, complex issues" factor.
l am digging the reviews fox should be viving on these critiques of the show and give another season hopefully the show doesn't become another angel or tru calling shows cut down before given their fullest potential
So this isn't directly a commentary on the specific reviews posted (though the comment thread at the bottom of teh A.V. Club review of "Needs" has a long debate about the show's use of technobabble detracting from it's appeal to a modern audience). A lot of critiques of the show have to do with the fact that every episode is about the Active's glitching. But, I mean, do you really want to watch a show where every episode is about how the Dollhouse is this great place that works amazing well and nothing bad ever happens? That show is boring. I imagine that the Dollhouse, and the four Actives in question (Echo, Victor, Sierra, and November) aren't off being all glitchy every Engagement, or even going off track a lot. However, it is only when they go off track that the show is interesting. Watching them have a successful engagement might be interesting one time, but after that it's boring. Having a flawed Dollhouse makes for an interesting show. After all, a plot without conflict usually makes for a really boring story.
Just my thoughts.

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