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April 04 2009

TWoP 10: Shows That Should Return Next Fall. TWoP includes Dollhouse and T:SCC in its list of shows that should be renewed (but may not be).

Also, this is my first post here -- I hope I did it right!

Hi ActualSize,

Congrats on a first front page!
You will need to edit the post to add a period at the end of the word "Fall."
You might want to add 'Dollhouse' and 'T:SCC' or 'TSCC' as tags. Tags can be free form, and sometimes there is quite a bit of funny in them.

Great name BTW.
I'm just glad there seems to be a chance that T:TSCC will return. I noticed on last night's show, they referred during the break to next week's season finale, rather than series finale, so maybe there's hope.

Not quite as worried about Dollhouse, maybe I just can't comprehend that Fox might actually not give it more than thirteen eps, since it's so obviously a slow builder that keeps getting better and better.
I thought the TSCC sets had been torn down?
Thanks, Loose Deckplate! It looks like someone took care of that for me.
There is still some confusion about what happened to the TSCC sets. Ausiello recently denied that they have been taken down, saying that they have merely been "shuffled around".
I thought the TSCC sets had been torn down?
Simon | April 04, 16:00 CET

Is that true, really? Why don't they just announce whether or not if it's been officially canceled, and put me out of my misery? :(
Shey, two words: movie franchise.

Btw, re Dollhouse - I'm going out to buy a hat.
I noticed on last night's show, they referred during the break to next week's season finale...

I noticed that too, and I don't remember seeing/hearing it in the weeks prior. Hmmm.
ActualSize: great first post and great name! There are a lot of shows on that list that I love; mostly Dollhouse, Chuck and T:SCC, I hope that those can be saved, it would mean a lot to me.

Yeah, Shey, as Gossi says: even if they know for sure that T:SCC is cancelled, they won't say anything until after the movie is released. I hope Ausiello is right and there is still a chance it'll get a third season!
Why a hat, gossi? Are the ratings out?
I'm surprised that Fringe is on that list...I thought it was doing relatively well for Fox. It certainly seems to have a better chance at renewal than Terminator or Dollhouse, as much as I hate to say it (I've been enjoying Fringe, but I like the Friday night shows better).

In fact, according to the Renew/Cancel Index over at TV By The Numbers, both Fringe and Chuck appear to be fairly safe bets for renewal.
Welcome to our play area, ActualSize. Love your name!

I'll be very surprised if 'T:SCC' will be renewed for another season. Which will be a shame because the show is starting to find its legs.
Either she's buying the hat to eat it if they DON'T renew Dollhouse, or...something.
The way T:SCC is going, they're going to need completely different sets for the next season anyway (since they'll be in a different town) so a teardown would not damage continuity.
Thanks for the name love,embers and catherine. I'm hoping for more of T:SCC and Dollhouse, and I'll also cast a vote for Life. A friend just recommended Fringe, and I'd hate to start watching it just to see it go away.
This show needs to go on and on. It's like treasure buried in treasure. Hidden in a pirate's cove. Defended by booby traps, curses and spirits.
God, I hope Life gets renewed. I'm worried for Dollhouse, Fringe and TSCC as well, but they all have better numbers than Life does. Poor Life. It just never got as many viewers as it should of. It's one of the most well-written, engrossing shows on TV.
I'm off to my bed to weep.
Rock of Love? Really? I admit though I'm not a reality show fan, I got sucked into RoL during the first season and just can't stop watching the train wreck. But do I think these misogynistic shows where women compete in scantily clad competitions, catfight and screw over each other to get picked as the girlfriend of an ego-driven sexist Rock Star should continue? God no. These shows need to die off, and no I'm not proud that I watch such a thing.

However, Chuck, Life, Kings, Better off Ted, yes. Dollhouse: OMG YES, PLEASE! Dollhouse is the best thing on TV right now.
I hope Life, Dollhouse and The Unusuals get renewed, but I think the chances are slim to none for all three shows. :(
Yeah, my first thought regarding T:SCC is "what set?" Ok, the bosslady has her office, but an office is and office, the rest are constantly traveling through the country.

That said, the torn down claim may have started here:

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