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April 05 2009's "Top 10: Shows in Danger". Dollhouse is the second show listed in the top 10 shows currently in trouble.

Knight Rider closed down production last year. The final episode they aired, episode 17 (last month), was actually episode 13. How that show ever made it back to TV I don't know.
Does anyone want Knight Rider back though, seriously? Looks like crap. Both Chuck and Reaper interested me to begin with, but lost me due to Zzzzz.
Knight Rider has a huge letter writing and email campaign going on right now to save the show.
Dollhouse aside, Chuck is currently my favorite show and pretty much the only one I watch faithfully and with interest.

Its two most recent episodes were in many ways (albeit the simpler ones--sense of fun, humor, adventure, caring about characters, and finally some decent integration of the characters' stories and settings (plus Mr. Baldwin)) more Whedonesque than the first 5, 6, or 7 (Not quite sure where I draw the line...) episodes of our Friday show.

As I wrote somewhere else here recently, we're likely going to lose it so we can watch Leno amuse himself by interviewing poorly educated pedestrians every couple of nights. Like there's something funny about that.

Yeah, I'm angry... ; )

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Figures. I watch all of the top 7 shows on the list.
I doubt Chuck will be cancelled, myself.

Their logic about Terminator is odd. They think the movie will have to save the show - but the movie comes out a week after the upfront presentation, which is where Fox makes the call.

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Out of all of them: I want Chuck saved. I love that show so much!
I really doubt that Chuck will get cancelled. I mean what else is there on NBC that is worth watching anymore?

Other then Dollhouse, I really want to see Reaper back, that show has so much potential, and is insanely hilarious.

I just think it's funny that NBC is willing to cancel the majority of their shows for Jay Leno's TV spot. It's a stupid stupid move.
The majority of their shows get bad ratings anyway. It's been two years and I just don't care about any of the characters on Chuck. Maybe Ellie and Awesome, but they're rarely seen. I'm only still watching to support Adam.

I hope that you're right about Chuck.

And Reaper struck me as very Buffy-inspired and amusing as well but I somehow lost interest in it very early.

As for NBC, it sacrificed ER for Leno when it could have gone on indefinitely as it always managed to bring in likeable new actors and these past two years were its best in a while.

And as much as Conan O'Brien seems like a bright and affable guy, I found his show's monologue and sketches (and much of his behavior during interviews) painfully unfunny and think his humor is unworthy of the The Tonight Show.

Can't imagine what this network is thinking.
I'm more concerned about Chuck, Castle and Kings (which is my new fave) but I'd feel bad for those who are into Dollhouse.
I love Dollhouse and Castle, and I would be devastated if either were canceled. The only other American show I watch is LOST and that is clearly gonna stick around. I don't watch Chuck, but I appreciate that it exists. I hope it survives. The rest I really couldn't care less about.

My biggest (and only, really) complaint about Chuck has always been that the Buy More crew stories were typically unfunny throwaway stuff. But the last two eps really started integrating things.

Surprised you're not caring about Chuck himself and especially his relationship with Sarah who, by the way, I would marry in a second despite being gay...

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How Knight Rider even made it past the pilot i will never was awful! I would not be best pleased if Chuck was cancelled and now that the Sarah Connor Chronicles is back on track after a rather iffy middle part of the season if would be a shame to see that go.
Yes, the Buy More people have always been the worst, but I've never warmed up to Chuck either. I liked Sarah and still mostly do, but the Chuck/Sarah thing has gotten old for me. I don't know, I guess I just reached the point where I stopped caring.
I'm genuinely surprised Castle is on there. It's great, is somewhat more 'accessible' than Dollhouse, and has a solid lead-in show (well, not for me, but you know - not that it would be surprising that a smart, clever show can't hold Dancing With the Stars viewers). I hope it makes it; it's already surpassed the ever-less-satisfying Bones for witty banter.
Since Pushing Daisies was canceled, Chuck is my favorite show on TV. I also really like Reaper. I'll be really sad if either of those is canceled.

I'll miss Dollhouse, but I've already accepted its demise and will be thrilled if it comes back.

I've been watching Castle and really enjoy it, but I wouldn't miss it as much as Chuck or Reaper.
I find it interesting how people talk about NBC not having any good shows anymore. I find 30 Rock and The Office to be two of the best shows on TV now or at any time. (Admittedly The Office's quality isn't as good as it used to be, but it's still worth watching.) I also love Conan O'Brien.

As for this list, the only show I'm watching is Dollhouse.
Chuck is definitely my favourite show on TV right now, with probably Dollhouse at 2nd. This is, of course, because Battlestar Galactica and Pushing Daisies have both ended, and Dexter isn't currently airing.

I'm also enjoying Castle, and I've got the first 3 episodes of Kings waiting to be watched.
I love Kings. I wish more people were watching it. It's unique, and Ian McShane is brilliant.
"And as much as Conan O'Brien seems like a bright and affable guy, I found his show's monologue and sketches (and much of his behavior during interviews) painfully unfunny and think his humor is unworthy of the The Tonight Show."

Wut. As if Jay Leno was worthy?
Well no but Conan's stuff fell so flat so often that no one seemed to notice anymore than his audience was virtually never responding to it with laughter, just applause, presumably because it was too uncomfortable to sit in silence (and because a little light mandated it for just that reason).

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crap. what am I going to watch next season? Oh, I know- how about law and order? How about stupid celebrities dancing?
I think Conan is hilarious myself. I'm sure he won't be as funny when he is mainstreamed onto The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno? Blegh. Violently unfunny.

[ edited by ShanshuBugaboo on 2009-04-06 04:26 ]
I'm also gonna have to jump to Conan's defense. Sure he doesn't always hit it out of the park, but he'd have to be some sort of god to do that. As far as audience response goes, I can't say I understand how you could have come to the conclusion that they aren't laughing most of the time. Every time I've watched Conan I've seen or heard the audience laugh numerous times.

And as for Jay Leno, I have to say that anyone else would be an improvement.
I love having good TV to watch. Chuck is it a re-run Monday?, Castle, Fringe coming back this Tuesday, Lost, Terminator season finale Friday, Dollhouse.
Did you notice the onion goggles on Castle? They actually make those. On his myspace, Nathan talks about being a gadget geek. I wonder if he brought the goggles in.
Wait, people are actually trying to save Knight Rider?
Why is it that most of my favorite shows are always on such lists?
John Darc |
"Wait, people are actually trying to save Knight Rider?"

I think the Evil League of Evil is involved. Although if Nathan Fillion was on the show, I'd be watching it. I remember watching the original.
12000 people have signed the Knight Rider second series petition.
More likely it's just 12 people, who have nothing better to do than create myriads of fake identities...
Nope, check out their forums. They just had a big KR convention with the cast, too. They're far bigger and more organized than us, and all power to them.
On a positive note, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau are all potentially jobless next season according to that list. Might it be time to, I dunno, form Voltron and re-launch Firefly?

One can dream...
htom Why is it that most of my favorite shows are always on such lists?

I seem to have that problem, too. I suspect most of us here do since, by definition, anyone posting here likes intelligent entertainment. Not much call for that from the general populace.

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