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April 05 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's SlayAlive Q/A for Buffy #24. More spoilerish for the current issue than upcoming issues.

Is it worth my time to read it or is it all just "Can't say" to every question as always?
Will this thread be worth my time to read, or will it all be "is it just 'can't say' to every question as always?" in every comment as always? ;)
There is some interesting stuff in there.Some clarifications on certain things in issue 24.Some other stuff such as why Scott was in contact with IDW's Chris Ryall over the weekend.

If you want massive spoilers,you're not going to find them there but the chats always have some new interesting things talked about each month in my opinion.
"Will this thread be worth my time to read, or will it all be "is it just 'can't say' to every question as always?" in every comment as always? ;)"

Ah touché. well played sir
There's some good stuff in there. It is, as always, a mixed bag.

Shepherd's Tale status: an outline in Joss's head. I kinda suspected but hoped it was on paper. Ah well. Until we successfully clone him, he can only tell so many stories at once.
Until we successfully clone him? Does that mean there are unsuccessful Joss clones out there?

Can I have one?
Giles and Faith go to Berlin. Oh, goodie.

Given how the artists screwed up southern Germany, we can start taking bets what all they will get wrong in the capital. The Berlin Wall is still standing? Everybody wears Pickelhauben? Posters that say Wählen Sie die NSDAP, except that they spell Wählen with a "v"?

This is not good. Can we either a) learn how to do research or b) get them back to California? Please?
Yes we get that you didn't like how they treated Germany, you don't have to keep going on about it in every Buffy comic thread.

And all I can say for sure at the moment is that the hardcovers will contain more than one trade paperback, but no single hardcover could hold all eight trades. I'm trying to decide between two 20-issue collections, or four 10-issue volumes.

The former please.
Seconding Simon on that.
yeah, the fewer volumes the better. With lots of extra goodies, please.
Indeed. Like the MySpace comic strips and the Buffy backup stories/ads that appeared in other Dark Horse comic books.
It was a good read. I'm glad to hear that 'Retreat' is focused back on the Scoobies again. Also can't wait to have Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Giles, Faith and Oz all in the same freakin arc! Can't get much better than that. Seriously I haven't enjoyed a "cast" that much since way back in season three.
scotws: Would it help that Jeanty usually surrounds himself with tons of photo references when drawing locales?
"8. trunkstheslayer: Any update on the 'Sheperd's Tale' story in the way of it either progressing or being nixed? I'm assuming the latter, given Joss's currently insane workload.

Scott Allie: Not nixed. We were just talking about it the other day. Still waiting on an outline, which Joss has written in his head, so he just has to find the time to get it written on paper. Or, you know ... screen."

Screen? Movie? Maybe?
Screen? Movie? Maybe?

Laptop screen, more likely, as opposed to writing on paper. Though one can hope. :)

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