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April 06 2009

Angel:After the Fall on New York Times Best Seller List. Angel: After The Fall volumes 1 and 3 have joined Spike: After The Fall as New York Times Best Sellers. They ranked number 2 and 3 on the list. Congrats again!

Good for IDW. Good for us. I hope all the partners in this make a tidy pile of cash,
and decide to fund Joss for more movies/TV shows they can make into profitable comics. And DVD sets. And PVC figurines. And more and more.
I'm watching Smile Time on SciFi HD on SKY in the UK, and it is marked as HD, and to my eyes it definitely is an HD transfer. I can't find any reference to a remaster of Angel in HD anywhere. Am I going crazy? It looks great.

Just last week they were showing 4:3 SD versions of season 5, so it just seems to have sneaked in unannounced.
Since the beginning of Season 3 Angel was broadcast in HD - so should it ever be released in Blu-Ray those seasons will look the best.

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