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April 06 2009

Video of James Marsters and son playing and singing. Sullivan is cute as a bug and a chip off the old block. Hope they post more of these.

Wow. That was great.
Oh, thank you so very much for this, made me smile in a very bad day...
Glad I could brighten your day JotheCat. Started mine off with a smile also.
They're both left handed, and Sullivan has inherited his father's handsome genes.
They're not left-handed; it's a reflection. Look at James's shirt.
Though JM is left handed but doesn't play guitar left-handed.
What a beautiful treat!
I knew JM had a son but I didn't realize how old he is. I was expecting a toddler trying to sing along with dad. This was a pleasant surprise. Sullivan is obviously a talented kid and will grow up to be just as handsome as his father.
That was really sweet. Love the song. Thanks for sharing.
This was the first time I saw his son. It was great to see both of them playing together. Thanks for posting the video!
One lyric was "I'm more than twice your age and I'm in love with you." Oh, you cradle robber James.
I caught that too, FaithsTruCalling. It's interesting to me because my dad is also a musician and songwriter, and I grew up listening to him sing about adult subjects. He also ended up marrying someone less than half his age last year. A year older than me in fact. So it made me a little uncomfortable. Kind of like being around my dad does.

However, there is no question that his son looks a lot like him, especially in profile. He was excellent with his electric guitar. Oh, how I remember sitting around with my dad and our guitars, singing the songs he wrote about cheating on my mother. Where's my therapist's phone number again? ;)
Wow, I definitely see the resemblance. Although his son didn't get his hair. ;)
Love that guy. Cute kid. Nice song. Rock on.
That was cool, nice song too.
Now I have to find that YouTube account I had a life time ago...

Heck, I'll make a new one!

I can see the young Mr. Marsters being just like his dad. Man, did he grow! Mini-"William"! Hee.
Another brilliant subscription for me.
They're already posting other videos! Wow, James has always been so protective when it came to his family that I never though we would see much of Sullivan..But apparently Sullivan is a little artist as well and wants to start showing himself.. lucky us, they're just adorable together!!! Also, he's exactly how I've always thought James' son would very cute!
OK. I stand corrected. Not left handed. Bad, bad me.
Also subscribed. Very nice song.
This was nice.

I knew our sons were the same age but I was not expecting them to have almost the same out-of-style haircut. Interesting.
newcj, that haircut is quite the thing at my middle daughter's school. Of course, we may be behind the fashion curve here. :)

Nice song, and great to see them playing together.
Great song!
Anyone else surprised that JM is posting this on Youtube and not his own website, especially after years of not sharing much about his son?

I really wonder if this is actually JM doing this(despite the name). Could be Sullivan, himself, or a third party(which would be gross, yes).
I suspect Sullivan. Then again, the boy's growing up. Maybe he asked his dad to do it.
I would think Sullivan was behind this, notice that James always has Sullivan in the spotlight. Have really enjoyed them, hope they don't stop. The word spread like wildfire in a very short time.
Whether James or Sullivan, they are adorable together - both 'in concert' and as auteurs of the EPIC FILM!!
My money is on James himself rather than his son, mainly because his son would probably be web-savvy enough to use the 'tags' field correctly ;)
I don't know what rock I've been living under but I didn't even know that James had a son. He's adorable. I see the resemblance. It was a pretty song. I'd love to have a louder version - it was quite soft on my laptop.
Yes you are right ruuger, I had forgotten that tag thing. funny.
Actually the mix up with the tags, the flipping of the first vid, and the misspelling is what made me think it was the son over JM.
I was gonna say that it had to be James, even with the spelling problem, since there was a certain "proud papa" feel, especially to the yo-yo thing. Then I re-watched that video, and I guess it could also be just a kid discovering the joy of video cameras + internet. Who knows? Either way, it was a nice song, and they seem to really enjoy each other. Neat!

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