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April 06 2009

Amber Benson signing at Kings Comics, April 7th. In store signing at the Sydney, Austrailia location on Pitt Rd., between 3-5 pm.

Ooh we're exporting her now!
Well as long as they return her in the original packaging so she's still collectible LOL!
I met her on Sunday at Supanova in Brisbane (along with Adam Busch). They're both lovely people, especially considering that by the time I spoke to them they'd sat through two days of signing autographs.

Apparently I don't look like the typical Whedon fan, because the first thing Amber said to me was "So who introduced you to Buffy? I bet it was a girl..."
Hmmmm... if I evermeet ehr & she asks that I can tell ehr the truth, it was a girl (even tho I wanted to watch it myself as oon as I heard about it but wasn't able to until she invited me...) my 6 year old daughter, now 18.

Of course motormouth that I am I'd probably overwhelm her with comemnts before she said anything.
Just got my (signed) copy of the book in the post this week. Its most definatly one Id recommend.
Pitt STREET, just in case there's any confusion.
AuuGGGHHH. I go to King's Comics every month to buy Buffy and I find out about this 5 hours after the fact? *headdesk*

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