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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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April 06 2009

Nathan Fillion: The EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch blog interviews Nathan on his projects, various pop culture life moments and his TiVo obsession.

Ooh...just missed it! Why I would rather read Whedonesque than post threads! lol
Great minds think alike...and we'll just ignore how the rest of that sentence goes ;)

It's a fantastic most with Nathan are. I loved that math comment that you quoted :)
It was great. So funny...classic Nathan. Loved the One Life to Live stuff too. Now I'm wondering who's fan club he joined...I was watching back then when he was on!
I love Nathan Fillion. Maybe I should put that on a shirt...
So the real question is...

Which one of you is going to be the one that freeze-frames the Counting Crow's video in an effort to find Nathan and his friend?

I hadn't even thought about trying to find him in the video until you said that...and since I didn't feel like doing actual work, I caved and freeze-framed :) You can see him twice (or maybe more but it would be the back of his head the rest of the time).

This is the clearest one: Nathan in the Counting Crows video

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I love the fact that ABC arranged the interview. I thought maybe Nathan had done that himself or the reporter. ABC is supporting the show! Whoo-hoo!
I finally watched the pilot of Castle last night. Not bad...but someone plzzzz kill the idiot sound effects guy!
I have a lightsaber at my front door for home protection

But this only works if he first uses the Force to obscure the invaders minds.
Delightful, as always. Regarding Castle, I think it's gotten better over time. I enjoyed the pilot, but I've enjoyed the later eps even more.
Last night episode was wonderful... even on a Bones scale.

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