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April 06 2009

Morena Baccarin cast in off-Broadway play running May 15-June 21, 2009. Morena Baccarin has been cast in the Playwrights Horizons New York City premiere of Theresa Rebeck's Our House — a comic look at America's obsession with "reality" television. ETA - Morena fans can get discount tickets by mentioning RHGR when ordering ($35 vs. regular price of $65).

Off-Broadway previews begin May 15. Opening is June 9 at 7 PM. The limited engagement will run through June 21 at Playwrights Horizons' Mainstage Theater (416 West 42nd Street).

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2009-04-16 20:12 ]

Thanks for editing it down, zeitgeist - as it stood, I was actually a little afraid of the 'More...' button.
I want to go to there.

Theresa Rebeck AND Morena Baccarin? I am so there. Thanks for the heads up.
^^^ I know! And I've been really happy with Playwrights Horizons other shows, so I'm really looking forward to this.
Very cool!

(And glad I saw this... I read Bway boards, too, but hadn't seen this yet! :))
Me need more moneys!
Morena! Stop doing those stage things, I can't get over there and watch that ... now TV on the other hand *g*

(Ok, she's going to invade the earth later this year, I dig that ;)
That's interesting, considering how her mother has really strong theater background.
This is very funny - last week she was at the opening night of my theatre's performance of Mauritius, which is written by Theresa Rebeck. I now wonder if she came to do research?
I loved Mauritius when I read it. I wish I had seen it in NY. It had a killer cast. Anyway, did you meet her at the show?
I did! I actually saw her when I went over to look at someone else I thought I reognized, then turned a corner and BAM there she was.
FYI - Morena fans can get discount tickets by mentioning RHGR when ordering ($35 vs. regular price of $65).

How to order (mention code ‘RHGR’ to receive discount):
• Online:
• Phone: call Ticket Central at (212) 279-4200 (Noon-8pm daily)
• In Person: at Ticket Central 416 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY (btw 9th & 10th Aves)

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