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April 06 2009

TV Guide interviews Nathan Fillion. In which he talks about Castle, a bit about Dollhouse, and a smidge about Firefly/Serenity. Also, on being liked, "Don't do it."

First time posting a link. Did I do it right?
You did, and thank you for it ! :)
Great link!

I'm loving Castle right now!
Thanks for the interview.

Not sure worth a new post, but can have lunch with Nathan as part of the 2009 Auction for The Adrienne Shelly Foundation.
Also can bid on Bones cast signed DVD. (link)
Heh. Rick A--hole. Awesome.
Lots of times when I like a character on a show, I find that the actor him/herself is not nearly as likable. Not so for Nathan. I have seen many interviews and read other blurbs about how he acts in real life, and I gotta say that this is one cool guy. Loads of fun too.

I really hope Castle is a success for him (even if I find the mom's character an obnoxious throwaway).
Last night's Episode was very good. The Lady Cop has a backstory now, and Castle is interested in solving a mystery from her past, unbeknownst to her. So it's getting even more interesting, and is already entertaining. Here's hoping ABC has enough sense to keep this show. Personally, I wish it was on an hour earlier, but you can't have everything.
I made a joke one time at a convention using a goofy voice and then some reporter, and I use the term loosely, runs over to Joss Whedon and says, "Guess what Nathan said?" Really, that's reporting?

Sounds a lot like haters on a forum, who will take a Joss quote and leave out the context, exaggeration, and bombastic/sarcastic voice.

Maybe the Dollhouse will be related to superficial reporting. Mixing and matching memories will not be sufficient, if it is missing some of the emotional subtones/context.

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I really love the relationshp with his daughter. The scene in the first episode where he was pushing her down the hall way was so touching.

It spoke of a shared lifetime of the "I don't want to go to bed" ritual. A dad and a daughter sharing an old joke. Fab.
It really is a great show, especially considering I'm not the biggest fan of cop dramas (mostly because they get really repetitive. Nathan Fillion really is just a talented actor to be able to pull off a somewhat odd concept for a show. I mean, aside from minor consulting, you really think they'd let a famous author help a cop solve mysteries by essentially acting as her partner? Still, I love it.
I adore his relationship with his daughter as well. Recently my wife said the best thing about the show is the hilarious way that the family dynamic is kind of like "Absolutely Fabulous". His daughter is like Saffy, a bit straight-laced, he's very goofy like Edina, and his mother is like a combination of Patsy (drunk a lot) and Mrs. Monsoon.

Although I find the detectives lack personality, I adore the Castle family dynamic, and love watching the show just for that.
Thanks to remember me AbFab, chickenbird!
However, I believe the detectives will get more screen time, if the series go on, and then they'll be more like the supporting cast of "Moonlighting".
I hate to break it to the producers/Nathan but Castle is not an a**hole. Sure, he's a little vain but he's already shown multiple times since the pilot that he has a heart and has the best intentions. Castle himself said, "I'm a wisea**, not a jacka**"

I've been surprised by how much I like the show. True, it's not the best thing EVER - I'm not feeling a whole lot for Beckett so far (don't dislike her though) and the novelist seems to be more adept at solving the crimes than the cops but I really enjoy Castle's relationship with his mother and daughter (the actress playing his daughter is SO beautiful) and Castle himself is funny, charming and delightful to watch. Nathan cracks me up with his silly expressions.

This show does for me what I always wished Bones would do. I've tried so hard to like Bones but I can't.
I find it hard to like the mom on Castle as well. She's clearly a clone of a winning formula...wild-party girl-alcoholic mom. It worked on Arrested Development beautifully, but I'm not sure if it does on this show yet.
I like how Castle's celebrity gives him access and influence that regular cops would not have. It legitimizes why Beckett and the other detectives might actually Want or Need to have him around.

Castle offers a unique perspective to solving cases, but they need to make sure the real detectives are not just keystone cops. Let it me a more collaborative effort where they do most of the detecting, with Castle having that unique sideways point of view for tidbits they wouldn't think to look for.

If Castle is genius boy wonder while all the others are irrelevant, that will actually make him less interesting of a character. As he said in the article, a guy's gotta have flaws, and he has yet to show any.

And no, having a rogueish past is not a flaw. That's the same as answering the job interview question "What is your biggest weakness?" with the lame "I am a perfectionist".

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I've been watching "Castle" on my iPod on the morning bus ride to work and I really really like it.
I like it in the way I liked "Rockford Files".
Both leads are great to watch, and I like the writing.
I hope ABC treats this show well...and keeps it around.

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