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April 06 2009

(SPOILER) Promotional photos for Dollhouse 1x10 "Haunted". This episode airs April, 24th.

You know, mouse... maybe, yeah. I was thinking the tweet meant since there'd been news a while back that she was in an episode and I'd never heard which one.
Hm, why do I get lesbian vibes from Adelle out on an engagement with Echo? :)
Echo's jockey outfit looks almost the same as Echo's assassin outfit.
Harridan - probably because there's some clear doll preference happening. :)
Hm, why do I get lesbian vibes from Adelle out on an engagement with Echo? :)

Maybe that's the "accidental shipping" that Joss was talking about ;)
That would be so awesome! .

Man o man is it Friday yet?

OMG I'll be seeing these people next week! Hooray!!
That tweet said in this week's episode ("Spy in the House of Love"), so Sunfire's idea seems more likely than mouse's.

EDIT: Wait, no, I just saw that they corrected it to say next week's, and then edited again because there isn't a next week's.

[ edited by snakebyte on 2009-04-07 21:34 ]
And there isn't an episode next week! We must never forget that they are evil.
I can't wait to see Felicia and Eliza together. That's assuming they will have scenes together.
Oh this episode looks awesome. It's intrigued me since the first time Eliza mentioned playing . I've also been wanting more and scenes, so looks like I'll get both wishes coming true on the 24th!
Any news on the director of "Haunted"?

And it seems the Dr. Horrible-appearance is way to confusing to twitter about it. It could still be Bad Horse in "Haunted". Or Felicia. Or the guy with the pink gloves.

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