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April 06 2009

Tahmoh Penikett cast in SciFi's Riverworld miniseries. He'll be playing war correspondent Matt Ellman. AICN's Herc says this will not affect Dollhouse should a second season be ordered.

Good for Tahmoh!
"Riverworld" again? Didn't SciFi produce a pilot-movie a couple of years ago? Maybe 5 years ago?
It's not like he gets much Dollhouse screentime as it is...
I honestly didn't see my post as a spoiler or rumor but since it wasn't well recieved by some folks I am deleting it.

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This is assuming he survives Season 1 of Dollhouse (I live spoiler-free for this show).
Yay Tahmoh. More Tahmoh tv, please.

It's not like he gets much Dollhouse screentime as it is...

Are we not counting all the shirtless sexytime scenes? Cause that's like 35% of his screen time. With the other 65% consisting of obsessive angst and fistfights. **

** Precise audiovisual measurements. In no way made up for exaggeration in an online discussion.
Don't know what Riverworld is about, but wish him luck in the project.

But could people remember to use Invisio-text when mentioning rumors or spoilers.

Here's our really friendly how-to guide. Use it.

I believe a lot of how Paul is portrayed in the show is due to Tahmoh take on it. If another actor was hired to the job, it would be very different.

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Meh. Again, nevermind.

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Riverworld is an interesting concept for a series; I'm not sure how true to the books they can be on SciFi, however, as some of the material is not-suitable-for-family-TV.
I'm especially doubtful about the Herman Goering character on TV, as well as the various sexual sub-text elements (not to mention the blatantly sexual elements). It has been some decades since I read those books, however. Maybe I'm over-remembering those parts :)
Aw, now I want to know what spoiler I missed. :(
korkster, The only thing spoilerish that was posted was a "spoiler" that has actually been posted many times already - nothing new. But there was also a mention that Tahmoh told the audience at last weekend's Emerald Con in Seattle that Joss has approached him about being in his next internet musical. :-D

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