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April 06 2009

Dr. Horrible live on stage at Hockinson HS (Portland/Vancouver area). Looks like Hockinson High School is also going to present a live version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on April 17th/18th. Will be interesting to see how they deal with all the previously mentioned issues involved in presenting live to a family audience.

Unfortunately, not a lot of info available. (Hockinson is north of Vancouver in the Portland, Oregon area.)

Am I blind, is it being on my iPod, or is there no such mention on that page?
I had to search to find it. April 17-18. I'll have to find a way up.
They seem to do some kind of weird hotlink blocking. If you click the link, get the homepage, then go back and click the link again, it should work.
Apparently 7:00PM both days.
Hmmm... now to decide if it's worth the drive down to Vancouver just to see it. I could always use it as an excuse to visit Powell's City of Books (although, really, who needs an excuse?)
Ack, that link is weird, isn't it? It worked fine for me when I posted it, but, of course, I had already navigated to it. What Nasarius said about clicking a second time seems to work, but if any of the mods know how to make it better, please fix it.

Assuming all works out, my daughter and I will likely attend, and we might even get the whole family there.
I found a different link, hopefully that'll work.
This link also seems to require the same two clicks. I had also found that one, but unfortunately, it didn't have any more info about DHSAB (and had more drama club info we didn't need.)
Just got off the phone with the school activities office. Show times are at 7 pm both days, (as b!X stated earlier,) with tickets for sale at the door starting at 6:15ish. Ticket prices are $4 for ages 12 and up, or $3 for children under 12, seniors, or students with a Hockinson HS ASB card.
And remember: There's no Dollhouse that Friday, so if locals want to go to this, you're not skipping out on Dollhouse, you're skipping out on Prison Break.

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