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April 07 2009

Interview with "That Buffy Guy" Author Jes Battis. I never heard of this guy but reading the interview led me to Blood Relations.

Brief interview. "Publishing that book sort of made me known as 'that Buffy guy, which is a compliment to me."

I didn't even have to write a book to get that title in my own personal 'Verse.

Jes is writing novels! I'm so impressed! But I was impressed the first time I heard him talk about "Willow as Hybrid/Hero in BtVS", which won a "Mr. Pointy Award" and was later expanded into a chapter in Blood Relations. He is one really smart guy--obvious from the interview.

Another chapter from Blood Relations: "Demonic Maternities, Complex Motherhoods: Cordelia, Fred, and the Puzzle of Illyria.

Go, Jes!

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