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April 07 2009

Give Me My Remote starts campaign to save Adam Baldwin's Chuck. GMMR attempts to getthe show picked up by actually getting more people to watch the show (rather than by sending flotsam to NBC).

This is my first front-page article. Hopefully I got it right.
Nice little campaign.

I've always watched Chuck but am sorry to say that my interest is waning. There's just not much character development. Casey is pretty much the same guy as he was in the beginning of season 1 along with the other side characters. Chuck's family needs to be let in on it or something.
I've wanted to see more of the show, but can't watch it. As long as it airs against House, I'm not watching!
Oh man. I love Chuck. It's definitely low-brow humor but I love it. Smokin' hot spy's, geeky humor and Adam Baldwin. What more could anyone ask??
Love Chuck. One of the best shows in TV.
Low-brow humor?! It's great humor. And the references? Crazy-good. Sometimes they're so subtle they are missed completely.

I adore this show. There's a reason I watch House on Hulu 8 days later. :D Second season has been better than the first.

Character development is slow, but explained. And the overall story arch keeps moving. And Casey, Chuck and Sarah have all made some changes (I won't spoil the storyline for anyone not watching). Chuck is the beginning of a great geeky night of TV and deserves a third season.
I've been a faithful viewer of Chuck since it began (and I loved getting to see the cast at the San Francisco WonderCon on March 1st). I have to disagree with CrystalSC, I think that Casey has grown a lot! He used to be very suspicious of Chuck and has become more and more supportive and trusting, also his attitude toward Sarah has gone from jealous competition to whole hearted partnership. I think that Chuck's friend Morgan has grown up a lot, and has become more responsible. While Chuck himself has learned to trust his instincts and even work more effectively for his own goals. This show always has some big laughs for me and characters I'm really enjoying spending time with, I hope this campaign helps to keep it on the air!

I find it frustrating that a really good show like Chuck is 'on the bubble' because it is scheduled against a blockbuster like House, while really mediocre (in my opinion) shows do well on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights because they have no real competition.
I have to say, that, despite my appreciation for Adam Baldwin's acting, I don't get the interest in this show.
Gotta Love Chuck ! Last night's episode was great! Chuck actually suiting up and gettin' down ! Plenty of shows out there to cancel - IMHO - Chuck isn't one of them.
i agree with those who like chuck and want to see it stay. I wouldn't say that it's low-brow humor, but I think i know what alexreager was getting at. Chuck is a straight up fun show and it doesn't really aim to be heavy or to make you think too hard. (It's sort of the antithesis of Dollhouse that way. Chuck is Buffy minus the seriousness and dollhouse is Buffy minus the funny.)
I love Chuck- it's my Tuesday morning show, since my wife isn't that into it, but I figure that's okay because my viewing on Hulu *might* mean something, while my (Neilsen-less) viewing on TV is pointless. Hilarious, and chock full of nerdy jokes.
This is the best show on television right now. Methinks.
Other blogs have joined her cause, including the one I write for, RTVW Online. It's a great show, and I love it dearly. It doesn't take itself seriously except when it does, and it's good at doing both.
Be sure to visit these sites and leave a comment thanking them for supporting CHUCK.

That's the campaign?
Like many have said, Chuck is one of the best shows on TV right now. I think the characters have evolved, and I love the Buy More staff. AB is a trip to watch everyweek, and his dressing as a nerd last night was hilarious!
Chuck is my absolute favorite show on TV right now. It's one of the rare shows that only gets better as it goes along. I'm really hoping that NBC will pick it up for a third season. I'd love to see where they take the story after season two.
I'm mildly surprised to read that some Buffy fans aren't enjoying Chuck, given the shows' many similarities. Granted, it's the more simple elements of Buffy that Chuck shares, but it's got the combining of drama with a sense of fun, humor (generally mid-high-brow with the spy stuff, low-brow with the Buymore stuff) and adventure; a sense of warmth and family; a growing mythology (featuring another at first reluctant chosen one...); writing and acting that make us increasingly care about the characters; and as of the last few episodes, tighter plotting with (finally) much better integration of spy, family, and Buymore stories.

Chuck doesn't hit it out of the park every time (although it has the last three eps), but it's definitely my favorite show right now.

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And where else can you hear a character played by Adam Baldwin say "She's damaging my calm"? Oh. Right. Hrm.

I love their subtle (and not so) nods to other shows and movies, especially when it's things I love like Grosse Point Blank and Serenity. Plus a smackdown between Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula, where else are you gonna get that?
It's not a deep show but the characters are great. Reminds of The Invisible Man in that respect.
For me, the word is "fun." Chuck is lots of fun.
Simon, it's deeper than it seems. Especially the most recent episodes.
I think people mistake "dark" for "deep". The show isn't "dark". There's an enthusiasm and a hopeful innocence coming from the main character.

The recent episodes have brought a bit of the "dark" with Captain Awesome's involvement in the main storyline and Chuck's concerns over it (again I don't want to give away anything).

But a show doesn't need to be "dark" to be meaningful. The show has great deep topics within the stories - what is true friendship, what is the cost of lying, what is love, etc. Chuck also gives hope to all the people toiling at a meaningless job when they are better than that.

And, as jcs said, it's lots of "fun".
I really wanted to like this show, but I could never get into it. The characters just seem so two-dimensional. That said, my brother watches it every week and you can hear his laughter all through the house.

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Oh, I loved The Invisible Man. There's another show that I hate SciFi for canceling.
This is one of my top three shows that I never miss. The other two are LOST and T:SCC.
Chuck actually reminds me of I-Man come to think of it. Love the easy-flowing dialogue.

The only thing I don't get, Chuck and Sarah are supposed to (almost) love each other but they only ever talk about work.

Still, Don't you dare cancel it NBC... especially if you're giving that crapfest that is Heroes another season!
Vik Sahay has gorgeous eyes.

Yeah, I love Chuck.
In my opinion Chuck has been awesome. Sure there are occasional episodes that are better than others but they all tend to be fun. I love Brett's comparison "to another reluctant chosen one". The hopefulness and innocence of the characters make them fresh.
Here's a thing. "Chuck" shares a quality with "Buffy" -- it's a show about a young person with a secret life.

A great deal of the drama comes from having serious responsibilities, and letting down, endangering or upsetting the people closest to you, because you can't tell them what's really going on.

Now obviously Joss didn't invent that idea, that's as old as Superman/Clark Kent, but I think there are quite a few shows like that nowadays which owe a debt to "Buffy". "Alias" for instance.

The same is also true of "Reaper" which you should check out if you haven't already.
Chuck is great and should be renewed, and I too love Reaper. But I'm still gonna complain about T:TSCC not getting better ratings and more fans while Dollhouse gains both. Quite a shame really.
Like 'Chuck' well enough and commend what seems to be a constructive effort to actually up the ratings rather than just annoy some network employees. Might be a bit late to alter outcomes but it's a fair effort that largely avoids the annoying "Renew Chuck rather than X cos X is crap !" style of mean spiritedness.

As to the show, it has nice geeky shout-outs, it's funny, it's well performed, it's very warmhearted but (usually) not schmaltzy and it occasionally tangles with the odd darker issue. It's not exactly meaning of life stuff though and personally I don't see the need to justify it in those terms. Fun is fine too and TV is as much about being entertaining as it is plumbing the highs and lows of the human condition.

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