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April 07 2009

(SPOILER) Dark Horse solicitations for July. Info for Buffy #26 and vol. 5 with some wonderful (and wonderfully spoilery) cover art. Edit: Link changed to Comic Book Resources because of the higher quality images.

Looks like a lot will happen and a lot of characters back in action and all together.

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That cover looks absolutely amazing!
Finally!! I've been dying for a comic related post to show off the completely kick-ass cover artwork that I just purchased on Ebay.

Angel #24 Cover Art

I had to pimp it here b/c apparently there's a rule about drawings not being allowed to appear on the front page flickr account. Can you believe I got an Angel: After the Fall original artwork cover for less than $100??!!! Don't tell Nick Runge or he may get upset!!!

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That has to be one of my favourite Jo Chen covers to date. Warren looks bloody terrifying (bad pun intended)!
At least the , by the looks of things.
Both covers look amazing.Jo Chen is always spectacular but I love the Jeanty one too.A real the gangs all here feel.

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Am I wrong in guessing the man on the far left is Twilight?

ETA: I just looked at the Jeanty cover again and noticed the weapon that Faith is using looks mighty familiar.

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Looks like Twilight to me.
Oz! Lovely depiction.
I am smiling so wide right now.
I was hoping to see Jeanty's Oz, but I guess I'll have to be patient.

So excited for it, though.
I'm pretty sure that's Twilight.It looks like his mask that is being worn.Love Oz but I knew Jo Chen would nail Seth Green's likeness.

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If you put the two cover' characters together, that's a huge cast! I trust Jane Espenson.
Jane Espenson rocks... so much. I can't wait for this comic.

And I agree, great Seth Green. Jo Chen is a goddess.
Folks, don't sleep on the beautiful cover of Star Wars: Invasion #1 by beloved Buffy cover artist Jo Chen.
That's the best Chen cover to date. And I love the Jeanty cover, as well, with the "gang's all here" beauty of it -- Giles, Faith, Normal Dawn, Satsu, Leah, everybody in it together now, for good and all. Troubled by the presence of Twilight and lack of Xander on the Chen cover, but somewhat reassured by him being under siege with the rest of them on the Jeanty.

Who's the brown-haired Slayer behind Faith? Kennedy? Or is there another cover-worthy junior Slayer that I'm just forgetting about?
I am pretty sure that is Kennedy, but I am not 100%.
And Dawn is back to her old size!
Love both covers. Oz looks amazing on the Chen cover.
Wow, the Chen cover is really really amazing!!
wow looks amazing! and I like the cover for Vol. 5 TPB as well!
Superb artwork by Chen as per, (her Oz is stunning) and as for Jeanty's cover, well lets say as usual I'm not a very keen at all. That rendering of Giles is just surreal....
Oz looks rather too young and pretty! I'd have thought he'd look a bit older by now. (And, perhaps, hairier.)
Wow, I absolutely love the Chen cover. Perfect Oz likeness and one of the best Buffy likenesses by Chen to date.
The Chen cover is amazing. It makes July seem very far away.
*thoroughly undignified fangirlish squee* Oz!!! ^_^
I was thinking that the Oz on Chen's looks almost like it's just a picture it's so great. But then I read Daylight say that he should be older... and I agree... Daylight ruined it for me. Way to go, buddy.
Who's the random guy between Twilight and Willow on the Chen?
That is a stunningly precise likeness of Andrew.
Amazing covers! Chen has really outdone herself and I love the ensemble cast in Jeanty's cover. God July can't come fast enough!
Why isn't Xander on that cover? It is gorgeous.
I changed the link to higher res-pictures. Hope that's okay.
Not every character is on every cover. There seems to be a nice thread woven in there -- Twilight and Warren connect. Warren connects to Andrew and to Willow. Willow connects to Oz. Everybody always connects to Buffy. That cover makes me think that 8.26 will feature or at least set up some confrontation between Andrew and Warren.
Season four Oz. Not to ruin the mystique of it all. Plus, Willow is from a season three pic with Xander, and Buffy looks like a screen cap from "Get it Done." As a precaution, I will say I am an artist and an art educator and fully embrace using references (duh!), so I'm just having fun looking for them.

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Actually, it's a Buffy screencap from Bring on the Night and it's identical except for being flipped horizontally. ;)

You can see the reference pic for Buffy by clicking here.

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Just brought to my attention: Anybody else notice that in the variant cover, Faith and Buffy are essentially wearing the same outfit, just in different colors? It appears they have the same (or very similar) emblem on their shoulders, but Buffy's is gold while Faith's is silver. I'm thinking it's some kind of a symbol for first and second in command.
Buffy and Giles are together again! Hooray! This season is re-uniting everyone!
Is it then confirmed that twilight?

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Does anyone think there's more to Giles having a better sword than everyone else on the Jeanty cover?
I would love to have a tenth of Jo's talent. Yet another gorgeous cover from her.

Bring on the comic - it looks awesome.

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