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April 07 2009

Jo Chen nominated for Eisner Award. She got nominated in the category of Best Cover Artist because of her gorgeous Buffy, Serenity and Runaways cover art.

I wonder if the Buffy stories ("Harmony Bites" and "Vampy Cat Play Friend") are included in the "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" collection that is nominated for Best Anthology.
Very deserved. They were simply spectacular and on a lot of "Best" lists this year.
Have to say her covers are among the best, if not the best, I've seen in comics. And I mean, ever.
I love all of her covers. She always seems to nail the likeness of all the characters on the Buffy covers. Her Kaylee cover is probably my favorite of all time.
Jo Chen's covers are breathtaking. I particularly love her Runaways.
I love her art work - if fact, earlier tonight I was saying that I would love to buy a cover-art book of hers for Buffy Season eight and put it on the coffee table.

She captures the spirit as well as the likeness.

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Outstanding! She certainly deserves it, her art is spot on with Joss' characters.
Jo Chen is consistently the best cover artist I've ever seen. She deserves the Eisner. Seriously.
Echoing others, she does deserve the award. I love her work and am looking forward to meeting her (and picking up some signed prints!) at the Calgary Comic Expo later this month.
A well-deserved honor no one can dispute. Congratulations Jo! Season 8 is lucky to have you.
Well deserved! Although she's got some competition with James Jean. I love them both.
That's fantastic! I love Jo's work. We were lucky enouogh to get an autographed "Faith" poster from Jo to auction for CSTS last year. What a great lady!
They should just rename it the Jo Chen Award.
She is consistently outstanding. I've never found a Jo Chen cover I didn't like. Congratulations!
So happy for Jo!

And also, snaps for Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn, who have been nominated for 'Best Anthology' for 'MySpace Dark Horse Presents', which has been chock full of Whedon-y goodness.
Yep, Ms Chen most assuredly deserves the nomination (and IMO the win). Just beautiful art, clear but not mechanical with plenty of detail to draw your eye in but never too busy. Perfectly balanced.

(some of the 'Fables' covers are also lovely, not really familiar with the other nominees' stuff)
Much Deserved, well done Jo, and I agree with thatweirdgirl I haven't found one yet either.

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