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April 07 2009

Nick Brendon plays himself in "The Quincy Rose Show". He recently mentioned a new project called The Quincy Rose Show in a past audioblog and now we have a trailer to watch, plus, more info on the show. Fair warning on trailer, NSWF.

A good description from the show's homepage at Vimeo describes Nick's role as "an exaggerated version of himself". The description of the show is a little long to post, but it's posted at Nick's website for all that is interested.

I have to believe people haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, because I totally expected there to be comments by now. At least stunned surprise by Nick's ... scenes. Yes, that's the word I'll use!
Absolutely J.Monique. "Stunned" is one word.
I'm gonna go with....yeah, "stunned", as well..!!
I laughed when I didn't expect to. I might give this a go.
And if anyone's wondering, apparently it's a diaper. Not man panties, as a friend of mine was wondering.
Can't Wait!!!
Poor Nicky-LOL!
I really hope this gets picked up - looks hysterical.
Whoa! I'm going to go with the same term as others on here: stunned!

Also, did anyone else notice the actress who played Xander's mom in there? I could swear that was her.
Hrrm. When did Xander's mom appear on Buffy? I don't remember that.
Hell's Bells.
Well, I watched. I'm not sure whether or not to put a + or a - with my feelings regarding it, but when it comes out, I'll definitely watch.

Signed, Stunned.
Ahahahaha. I love that we're all skirting around the diaper subject with my "stunned" catchword.

I think to me, it wasn't stun so much as shock from the way Nick is looking even more like Bruce Campbell in some of those scenes. I know he use to resemble him but with the gray in Nick's hair he has an almost dead on father - son thing going on. Someone get a DNA test done on the twins, I think they may belong to Bruce. :D

Ok maybe not, but the resemblence is remarkable, right down to body language.
This show would be great on a cable channel like Showtime. It looks funny, I'd watch it.

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