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April 08 2009

Angel vs. Edward - who would win in a fight? Deja vu? Just ever so slightly. Anyhow Michelle Trachtenberg does her best to answer the question. She also comments on the Buffy movie rumours that are doing the rounds.

I haven't read the answer, but if it's not "Clearly Angel because Angel is very hard and Edward is a bit of a loser" then she's wrong.
Update: She's wrong.
An interesting choice, since Angel had left the show by the time Dawn showed up...

And I'd say she does her best *not* to answer the question. =)
Cavemen, definitely.
Are we going to do this damned idea for every Buffyverse character?
Clem vs Edward?
Edward vs Miss Kitty Fantastico (pre-crossbow incident).
Angel. No contest.
Spike, in the dark alley, with a nerf bat. No sparkle.
And what about Harmony vs Edward??

Harmony'd be so jealous of the sparkle.
Michellle is dissing the comics???????????????? *grin
She just doesn't like being a giant/centaur/two dimensional.

Edward vs Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
Dude! Seriously? Angel all the way! Kind of insulting they'd even considering comparing the sparkling pansies of Twilight with the badasses in the Buffyverse... not to insult a perfectly valid and much beloved book series, but dude... they sparkle. That's like putting The Wizards of Waverly Place up against Gandalf. They're not even in the same definition of the fantasy terms.
Team Angel! Go Astronauts!

Angel would just rip his head off.
'.. Because I can, really. I can actually rip his head right off his body. I can do that.'

Angel's smarter, older, a better fighter, more soulful and downright sexier!
Meyer said that the idea for Twilight came to her in a dream. I think she just fell asleep watching Season 2 of Buffy.

But I hope they aren't going to do this with every Buffyverse character.

Also, Edward's hair - now that looks stupid!

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No doubt about it, Angel all the way.

And if they're gonna do this with every Buffyverse character, let me state for the record with no equivocation, Dark Willow would wipe the floor with anyone and everyone from the Twilight series.
Very true.
Team Dark Willow!
Better would be: Puppet Angel vs. Edward. One sparkles, the other's felt. Seems like a natural fit.

and yeah, Dark Willow would kick everyone's ass ;)
Meyer said that the idea for Twilight came to her in a dream. I think she just fell asleep watching Season 2 of Buffy.

This makes me laugh. Because it is probably true.
I agree that Angel is the much worthier vamp in many MANY ways, but did feel the need to point out (for those of you who didn't read the Twilight series) that Edward has telepathic powers. He can read his opponent, thus taking the advantage in fights. Thus,making Edward a worthy adversary even for Angel. Therefore I think it is really a 50/50 fight.
Can we perhaps make an authoritative list of every Buffy / Angel / Firefly / Dollhouse, heck Doctor Horrible character that COULDN'T wipe the floor with Edward? That way we can just cite this comment thread whenever it comes up.

- Season 7 Andrew (but not 6 or 8)
- Cryogenically asleep River (as long as she's not dreaming. and still trapped in her box.)
- The "Grr Argh" zombie (technically not a character but I ran out of characters who could, and my English teacher always said "lists of three sound better than lists of two or four".)
I want someone to ask her who would win in a fight between David Boreanaz and Robert Pattinson. I think if you put it that way, suddenly the Angel vs. Edward thing is more clear :)
I just want to see Spike mocking Edward in dark alley as he did Angel. "No, not the hair, never the hair."
Edward has telepathic powers. He can read his opponent, thus taking the advantage in fights.

That may be true but it was made clear in Earshot that Angel's mind was unreadable ...(as has been said before)

For me it's Angel all the way.
And lol KoC. It that really does make it more clear.

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Angel would kick Edward's ass.

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Oh man, can we just release Dark Willow on the entire town of Forks, Washington? Please, please! *bounces*
Angel would destroy Edward.

He'd snap that little pansy in two.
Can we not use homophobic slang here. Thank you.
i agreeith the earlier statement of Clem vs. Edward, Clem could kick that guys ass no problem, so Angel would be fine
I want someone to ask her who would win in a fight between David Boreanaz and Robert Pattinson. I think if you put it that way, suddenly the Angel vs. Edward thing is more clear :)

Haha! God, yes, I'd love to see that. David's bigger, probably stronger and manages to look sexy even when beaten and bloodied. It's extremely irritating walking around school and hearing almost every girl (and it's an all-girl's school) mooning over how 'hot' Pattinson is.
I don't think size matter(in this issue ;) so it's not exactly a battle of the pointy teeth(whatever that means).

Granite body/supderspeed/super-duperstrength/telepath vs... Angel.

Edward would win. Unless Angel made his mind blank and unreadble and got a hold of a sword made of diamond(That's the hardest rock there is, isn't there?)

And let's face it, even if Angel's mind couldn't be read(which might be the case), Edwards seems to be stronger, faster and harder.

Btw, why does everyone seems to think that because Angel's sexier, he'll win?
Presumably on the assumption that looks can kill.
"And I still don't get what you're saying about the characters and the world. I'm not questioning the greatness of a verse vs the characters in that verse, I'm comparing one verse's fighter(Buffyverse's Spike) vs another verse's fighter(Twilightverse's Edward).

It's like I put them both in a new world, with their differences intact had them fight, but it seemed like you meant that in case Spike was transfered to Twilightverse, he had Edward's strength and speed plus his own experience, which means he would be likely to win.

Did I misunderstand?"

Yes, you sorta did, i'll try and explain it better.
Every character is bound to it's universe, so in that way Spike or any other Buffyverse vampire can never be superior to a Twilightverse vampire, just because vampires are much more stronger,faster in the latter verse.

So i just apply the strength and weaknesses of the verse to the characters. Spike is an above average vampire in the Buffyverse, Edward is a pretty normal vampire in his verse(just a little faster and telepath). But unlike Spike, he is neither a warrior,fighter,true hunter. He has the powers of a hunter but so do all vampires just by being one. Spike on the otherhand has had a life of chaos and fighting.

You can't really put them in a new world cause part of their strengths and weaknesses come from the verse/world they inhabit.
I find it much easier to just decide based on who they are in their verse.

Same goes for Angel, he's an above average vampire in the Buffyverse, has also fought a lot.
why does everyone seems to think that because Angel's sexier, he'll win?

I don't think Angel will win because he is sexier. But I would root for him because he is sexier, and a better vampire (same goes for Spike). I just get really annoyed seeing girls swooning over Robert Pattinson like he's the most amazing looking guy in the entire world. Of course, I don't think a lot of them have ever seen Buffy or Angel.

I agree that you can't put them in a new world but I think that if you applied the Twilight mythology to Spike and Angel, or the Buffyverse mythology to Edward, our two favourite vamps would win hands down!

You could say that it's a good thing that Meyer hasn't gone with the standard vampire traits and has done something different, but IMO, it's just bloody boring! Twilight vamps don't have fangs (outrageous!), Edward calls himself a 'vegetarian'; they have no physical vulnerability since they can only be killed by another superhuman thing which has to rip them to pieces and burn them, so Meyer would have to make them more emotionally vulnerable which I don't think she succeeds in doing; and they freaking glitter like disco balls!!

Ok, rant over.
Okay Vergil, I see what you mean. I don't really think like that, but I see what you mean.

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If Angel's mind can't be read, he would most definitely prevail.
And in a Rob Vs Dave, Dave- at almost 40 would definitely kick Rob's twenty-something ass. Love it!

However, Rob most definitely brought the hotness to Edward, I think. I am 37, and I walked out of that theater with my heart fluttering like I was in junior high. He is young, and nothing like the Buffyverse vamps- but he is still damn hot.
The question is really which universe's rules apply? If Edward was like a Whedon vampire, then Angel (or Spike, or whoever) would win, simply because they have more experience fighting. (However, if Edward were fighting to save Bella, it'd be a lot harder to call). Also, if Angel were like a Meyer vampire, I think he would also win (although in this circumstance, Edward WOULD be able to read his mind, which would definitely work in Edward's favor).

HOWEVER, if it were Edward as he is in the books versus Angel as he was on the TV, then I think Edward would win, no question, simply because Meyer vampires are much harder to kill. You can only kill them by ripping them to pieces and burning the pieces. Also, you have to do this pretty quick because otherwise the pieces will crawl back together and be made whole again. Whedon vampires can be killed in a multitude of ways, and I think Edward could finish off Angel much faster than Angel could kill him, even if Edward couldn't use mind reading. Also, it seems to me that Meyer vampires are much faster (and possibly stronger) than Whedon vampires.

So, I think it really depends on the rules. Also, I'd like to add that the sparkling skin should not be a factor in who wins. Yes, it is totally lame and stupid, but it doesn't affect fighting abilities. And yes, the Twilight books are pretty poorly written, but still fun in a fluffy way. And finally, Angel is HARDLY the first tortured, brooding vampire. I mean, hello, Louis from Anne Rice??

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