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April 08 2009

(SPOILER) Fox releases episode descriptions for May episodes of Dollhouse. Lists episode 12 "Omega" as finale. HUGE SPOILERS.

You have to scroll down a bit to read the descriptions.

So, I am scared. Wasn't "Epitaph One" supposed to be the finale on May 15?

They now list a two-hour "Prison Break" finale for May 15, while episode 12 "Omega" is listed as finale. No mention of "Epitaph One". :(

Does this mean there are only thirteen episodes including the original pilot ("Echo") or will FOX not air the final episode. :(
Wait, does this mean they're NOT airing Epitaph One? I thought we decided that they were. That's lame.

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What? I thought there were 13 episodes? Should I panic or am I misremembering?
I think you should panic. I sure am.

As far as I remember there were 13 episodes.
I do not have an expletive large enough.
Last week we had April foolsgate whilst I was on the train, this week there's finalegate. When I get off the train I'll post about this, but don't panic.
Could we maybe keep the spoilers out of this thread? I'm just interested in the 12th episode as finale (please don't let it be so) bit.
I'd say panic. I seem to remember "Epitath One" was also going to reveal something very important. Now we'll never know unless we pay $40 for the DVD...or Fox remembers how to count and airs the last episode.

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From what I recall the 12 episode ends the Alpha plot arc etc so in that respect it's the finale. The 13th episode is something entirely different.
Seriously, I have been a defender of Fox in many ways from the hordes of "Fox is the worst network evah!" cries, but this is just messed up. If you wanna cancel it after four episodes, fine, we'll catch up on DVD. If you wanna air all of season one and not renew it, fine, it's not a big hit so I understand. But you wanna air ALL BUT ONE of the episodes, after keeping the show on the air until it gets really good, leaving off a Joss-directed finale from a Joss story, so a show you've already cancelled can have a two hour series finale?

Rationally, I bet Fox is thinking 1) Omega probably wraps up the story in a way that could function as a finale. I get the feeling it might be like Primeaval, with the finale as a Restless type thing.

and 2) Prison Break will get better ratings during sweeps.

But I still think this is really messed up.
Gossi said he has an explanation. Let's wait for the wise man to enlighten us before we panic or sharpen our pitchforks for FOX.
The fat lady dropped the bag
containing the cat who popped out
and has since left the building.
Not only that, she turned out the lights because the party's over. (Monday Night Football fans from the '80s may understand that).
Think about it this way: 2 never before aired episodes on the DVD. One of which you've seen some cannibalized bits from here and there.

Also, puppies.
This might be a VERY positive thing, maybe they decided that episode 13 would function better as a second season premiere.

Wait, gossi says not to. Can't wait to hear his explaination for this...


I've got to assume Epitaph One is a coda of sorts, to tie up any loose ends and maybe lead into a season 2. If it isn't airing, I guess that's just another nail in the coffin.
Well, I guess it's all eyes awaiting what gossi posts. In my reading of this, I cannot see how this can be good - in any way.
This might be a mistake. FOX have shifted back "Mental" a week so FOX *do* have a slot free they can use for the Dollhouse finale. It's also possible they just don't want to air Joss, Jed and Maurissa's episode. Speaking to PR people now.

I was warned about a month ago this could happen.
I'd like a treatment.
I would think they would go ahead and air it, since they have an empty slot anyway and it's already paid for, unless they decided to renew and it was to be used as the season 2 premiere.
Excuse me while I get my torch and pitchfork.
I'm invoking the omega protocol and will be posting a special thread for everyone to talk about the episode 12 finale bombshell without getting spoiled for the descriptions.
Thanks, Simon! I'm soooo spoiler-phobic. :x
Very confused about the not-including of the 13th ep, but EXTREMELY excited about the description of the May 1 ep.
Regarding Omega, maybe this is where the April Fool's day accidental spoiler comes in?
There's an omega protocol? ;)
So, can we talk about the spoiler here then, because that information about Alpha is AWESOME. It's so cruel that they really make me want a second season at the same time as they make it look all weird and doubtful.
The worst case scenario is that they keep an episode unaired so more people will buy the DVD. But if that episode is the finale and answers the big questions then that's just evil.
So now I'm really confused again... Is Alan playing Alpha or not? The episode descriptions seem to make me think no..... but I've seen pictures..... I don't know what to believe anymore.
Also, puppies.

I KNEW I was promised puppies!

*waits for kittens*
There's an omega protocol? ;)

It's our equivalent of the Osterhagen Key :p.
The Osterhagen Key was to be destroyed as there should never be a reason why the human race would destroy itself. And with that I have a word for you all. Patience. We waited so long for a new Joss show. We waited with bated breath while the show was being made. The European contingent is still holding said breath as we do not have a legal way of viewing the show...

Yet I have seen

And I believe

So I will add another word. Faith

*giggle at pun*.

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