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April 08 2009

Dollhouse DVD and Blu-Ray information released by FOX. FOX has announced the release date (July 28), list prices, and special features of the Dollhouse first season DVD and Blu-Ray sets.

Echo confirmed! This is great news. Can't wait until July.
It has the finale.
Would that kill the idea that Fox could've moved Epitaph One to the beginning of the hypothetical season 2, then? Not that I was particular convinced by that anyway, but would this more or less confirm that's not happening?
Yeah, convenient indeed. The timing is ... interesting, especially given that pre-ordering is already open.

Still, good to see that we normal DVD plebs are still getting the juiciest extras.

Off to bed in the hopes that i'll wake up to find it was all a completely innocent mistake on Fox's part. Or a new bike would also be cool.
Does July 28 seem particularly early to anyone else?
Ya know.... if, for instance, Fox were to be renewing Dollhouse for a second season and giving it a new timeslot, they'd want people to have watched, or have easy access to watch, the first season. Could the extremely soon release date for the dvd/blu-ray give any hint to the renewal of the show?
It's hard to tell. I mean, on the one hand, a quick release date might be in order to get it out before a second season. But on the other hand, if it does return it won't be until next winter (right?) so this seems kind of too early and they may be just trying to cash in on Dollhouse ASAP, since they are not planning to renew it.
That's definitely possible. But wouldn't you want the first season of your show that's changing time slots to be out for the longest possible amount of time, to attract more viewers? I don't know. It could really go either way. I choose to be optimistic till proven stupid.
Septimus, if Dollhouse gets renewed it's perfectly plausible that it will air in the fall. TSCC and Buffy for example were mid-season replacements whose second seasons began in the fall. This is the norm actually. Only shows like Lost and 24 do it differently, on regular network TV anyway.
Will most certainly be picking this up.
One other reason to release it this quick is if they want to know pre-order numbers. This could be important for Fox, the production company, to determine how much it will charge Fox, the network, for airing season 2. And Fox, the network, would want to know this amount before renewing Dollhouse for the second season. (Of course this is totally random thoughts on my side, so don't start buying the DVDs if you don't actually want them just on my saying it would increase the odds of season 2 ;-)).
Hmm... I just realized that this is the same release date as BSG: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray. What are the chances that I'll be able to afford both?

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