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April 08 2009

Vote to save one show. Obviously not official, but E! is running a poll for which show on the potentially-canceled list you'd like to save. Whedonesque nominees include Dollhouse, Chuck, TSCC.

Also has a run-down for why each show is in danger (or, for the last two, not-danger).

Was hoping no one would make this poll, so hard to choose, I love all 3! I'd marginally go for Terminator though, if anything the last episode swung it (amazing piece of television). I guess I'm just more attached to the characters in Terminator than Dollhouse and would be sadder to lose them.
I cast my vote for Dollhouse. <3 It's great to see Castle NOT make that poll. :)

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Monday's Chuck was spectacular, but I'm voting for Dollhouse (I do enjoy T:SCC, but I really really love the other two). I liked their list of lost causes, and voted for Pushing Daisies for that one.
I casted my vote for Dollhouse, only because T:SCC is offically dead and there is no point in trying to save the show. Dollhouse, though still has a slight chance to be saved. As for lost causes, I voted for Pushing Daisies.
Tough choice, indeed.

My vote/love went to Dollhouse, though I'd be really disappointed if Chuck were canceled.
My head hurts.
Chuck. Sorry, but Dollhouse hasn't had enough time to sink it's hooks into me. Chuck has. And Chuck has done the impossible this season. It's been consistently great and only keeps on getting better. I don't think I've ever seen a broadcast show be so consistent.
Although I do like TSCC, Dollhouse gets my vote. I have only seen a few episodes of Chuck.
Dollhouse. Chuck is light, fun tv to me, but not that special. T:SCC has been really good this season, but cancellation seems virtually inevitable and at least we've been able to enjoy it for two seasons. (Though I'd love to see it last a little longer still.) Dollhouse, I've enjoyed consistently (well, okay ep. 3 was kind of mediocre) and recent episodes have been even better then the earlier ones.
But I feel it hasn't even reached it's full potential yet... so I'd love to see a second season.
I've every confidence in Joss and co. that Dollhouse can have its truly brilliant episodes, as I've seen them in every other Joss show so far. For me, Buffy and Angel only first got there in their second seasons; I hope Dollhouse will also get that chance. Truly brilliant tv is so exceptionally rare and I see more potential in DH then in any other network show in years, so I'd hate to see it go.

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Hmmm .... I voted for Dollhouse, logged off then back on, and voted for T:TSCC.
Not sure if they'll count both votes, but they accepted both.
Never Seen Chuck
Started watching SCC but it never held my interest
So Dollhouse it is :)
I voted for Dollhouse, but I also want Chuck to return. While TSCC did improve toward the end, I could never get invested in the characters the way I have with the other two series.

As for the cancelled series, I liked Life on Mars, but I'd rather see Pushing Daisies come back.
Hmm, voting's not working for me right now (probably a problem with my browser), but I'd vote for Dollhouse. I haven't been that impressed with T:SCC, and mostly watch for Summer. Other show I'd like to keep is 'The Unit'. It's too much actiony fun to loose, even if its politics - to me - are iffy from time to time :).
I voted for Kings. Such a complex mythology and original concept, and I wish it could have the chance I don't think it will have. Oh, and Pushing Daisies.
Much as I love Joss and Dollhouse, this one has to go to Chuck for me. I would miss that show to a ridiculous degree.

And then the already-dead list made me sad. Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone should have both had long lives.
Dollhouse, no contest. It's the best show on TV right now.
I had to go with Chuck. It's my favorite show on television right now, and it's something that I've been able to share with my family and friends, who just aren't interested in T:SCC or Dollhouse. (Despite my best efforts, mind.) Chuck has just gotten better and better and I'll probably cry very hard if it's not picked up for a third season.

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I love Life, Chuck, and T:SCC, but none of them interest me as much as Dollhouse.
I love Reaper. This is a tough one!
Doesn't seem to be letting me vote, but if I could, it'd be Dollhouse and Eli Stone. I also like Life out of the main list (and watch Lie to Me); the others I haven't really seen. Of the lost causes, Eli Stone's the only one I'm into -- I never got a chance to get into Pushing Daisies, since it never came to Australia.
Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (deserves to be spelled out!)
This was so damn painful...
That was a really tough choice. Despite my love of most things Joss, I have to admit that Dollhouse didn't even make my top three. I'm just not feeling the love. :-(

I voted for Chuck, but I also wanted to vote for Reaper and Terminator (which has shown great improvement just in time to be canceled).

Another tough call was between Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies.
I voted although it didn't feel like it took. I bucked the trend and voted for Life: for me it barely beat out T:TSCC and almost matched my love for Lost. Funny how everybody is so different in what they like to watch. Dollhouse is top 5 but a rather distant #5 at this moment (Chuck gets #4).

As far as lost causes, Pushing Daisies was the only one of those shows I watched to the bitter end so of course that was my pick.
Pushing Daisies is what got me through a Minear-less, Joss-less time in TV. It had to get my vote.
Is it only me who thinks of Niska when confronted with these choices...
I'm sure Dollhouse is getting another season. I have no doubt. Critics love the show, viewers love the show, and the ratings are ok. So I voted for one of the shows that is iffy.

If they'd listed JOURNEYMAN as a show to bring back, I'd have voted for it. Instead I voted for Terminator. Many good choices there though.

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I would vote for Dollhouse, Life and Pushing Daisies.

Though my love for Joss Whedon and my growing love for Dollhouse won was really almost impossible not to vote for Reaper. I really love that show.
With Pushing Daisies so dead that even Ned couldn't bring it back, my vote had to go to Dollhouse.
I love Chuck but I find myself loving Dollhouse even more.
I really like Chuck and I love Life, but Dollhouse is the one show that keeps me glued to the screen while it's on and that I want to - and do - watch again right away and think about after doing so, so no contest. I voted for Eli Stone to come back, much as I enjoyed Pushing Daisies.
Sarah Connor (although it was hard to ignore Reaper). It's a shame those first few episodes after its return from hiatus probably cost it viewers for good as it's right back on track now.

I can see I'll have a lot fewer shows to watch next season.
I voted Dollhouse. And Pushing Daises for the other one. I've never seen 'Chuck' and got bored with T:SCC way back at the start of this season.
I had to go for Chuck too, although Life was a close second, then probably Terminator. I would like to see Dollhouse renewed but wouldn't be as bothered if it didn't.
I will cry if Chuck gets cancelled: true story.

Hence it got my vote. Sorry Dollhouse and T:TSCC.
"Chuck" is pure trash. Good riddance.
'Dollhouse' just because I don't think 'Life' has any hope of coming back so that'd be a wasted vote. Otherwise i'd vote for the Crewser any day - 'Dollhouse' is a show i'm coming to love but 'Life' is one i've been loving for nearly 2 years already.

I'll miss Chuck too though, if it goes.

(see how I managed to do that without dissing any other shows ? Must be an acquired skill)

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Hey, didn't even see Eli Stone there. It's been getting horrible reviews in 'SFX' (don't know about elsewhere, though), which to this day I have not understood. It's one of the most entertaining shows on television, mixes the funny with the drama and has some quality dialogue. But is is all a bit "nice", has no edge (not that it needs one, mind), which I think is throwing off that particular SFX reviewer (who likes grit more than melodrama). But while I'd really like to see it return, I don't think it will whatever I vote, so like Saje with Life (which I have never even seen, by the way), I figure it'd be a vote wasted.

As for Chuck, I watched the first - I think - 3 episodes and pretty much liked it. Very charming show. Lost track of it after that though, and have been planning to get back into it for ages.

And I'll miss T:SCC for the regular Summer on our screens. But that can be easily corrected by giving that girl a new show, stat :).

Oh, and like I said upthread: I'd also still like to keep The Unit, simply because it's a great, highly entertaining, action show. But one can't have everything.
Didn't occur to me to vote for 'The Unit' because, no matter what happens to the show, The Unstoppable Jonas Blaine WILL emerge victorious ;).
Chuck is definitely my favorite show right now, so I voted for that. I'm also hoping for more Dollhouse and Reaper.

For the other one, Pushing Daisies. If Pushing Daisies were still on the air, Chuck would only be my second favorite show.
Chuck, my love for that show overrides everything on the list.
Didn't occur to me to vote for 'The Unit' because, no matter what happens to the show, The Unstoppable Jonas Blaine WILL emerge victorious ;).

There is that, yes. Heh :).
Ack! Not Life! I LOVE Life! Also enjoy Chuck and Reaper but I wouldn't die if either of those were canceled. I vote Dollhouse but I don't want to see the others go either. :(
Seriously, the networks need to come up with a better, more efficient way to track viewership.
Everytime I watch The Unit, all I can think about is his Allstate commercials.
Didn't occur to me to vote for 'The Unit' because, no matter what happens to the show, The Unstoppable Jonas Blaine WILL emerge victorious ;).

Very true. The Unit has been shut down before but it always comes back.

Oh, and I voted for Dollhouse. It needs a second season.
Isn't it interesting that we have an affinity for endangered species television? Does that make us activists?

Save the Mississippi sandhill Crane! Er, I mean, save Dollhouse!
After HIMYM, Chuck is my favourite show on TV right now so it got my vote.
I voted for chuck.
for the other I voted Eli Stone. Mainly because I can envision Daisies continuing in other forms and having a neverending love story of sorts while Eli is done when its off the air never to be heard from again.
I felt a bit like a traitor, but I voted for Chuck. It was so hard to choose, so many good shows endangered or dead. It's a sad day for television.

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