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April 08 2009

"He is Piccolo, there's no one else that can play Piccolo but James." Article at VH-1 on Dragonball that descibes James' die-hard knowledge of the series on set, and how "it was a little intimidating."

I had no idea James was a big fan of the Dragonball series.
That came up in earlier posts regarding the movie; I was surprised to learn that Mr. Marsters was such a fan, in fact, as the few episodes I'd seen of Dragonball Z had completely failed to impress me.
James is so cool. :)
I think James watched the shows with is son IIRC. I enjoy reading how devoted he is to every part he tackles, how he fully immerses himself in that world.
Dragon Ball Z is a lot like 'Bold and the Beautiful.' They'll spend three episodes with the characters just staring at each other. Repeating the same lines over and over again in just slightly different ways. With no progression happening at all, just a stale mate. It's the oddest cartoon I've ever seen lol

I loved it as a kid but it used to frustrate the hell out of me. I was a massive DBZ fan back in the day, completely immersed in that universe and its characters.
Regarding James in the movie, is it true he is only on screen for for six minutes?
I saw the movie at a preview screening last night - he makes brief appearances for most of the movie, then the big battle at the end. It could be around six minutes total, I guess.
Thanks for that, did you enjoy the movie?
Well, I finally saw it. It was... well... uh... um. Hmm. Marsters was good for the six minutes he was in it, at least. And it really did feel like six minutes dispersed throughout the movie, with maybe a three to four minute chunk at the end for the final battle.

I think it was terrible from a Dragonball fan perspective, but sadly I'm pretty sure it was also terrible from an "I don't know anything about Dragonball and am going in expecting at least a good fun fantasy movie" perspective. Gaping plotholes, foreshadowings that had no payoffs, pointless scenes taking up too much time, and a few of the actors were so out of it at times that it really looked like they were reading the script from slow teleprompters off-screen. I found myself gaping at the screen in incredulous horror most of the time. I mean, I didn't expect them to get any of the Dragonball lore right, but I didn't expect the script to be that bad. Like, worse than Street Fighter: The Movie bad.
LiLi, now I've got to see it! That sounds hilarious.
Just what I was expeting Lili. Please tell me it was at least Street Fighter so bad it's good quality?
LiLi pretty much sums it up. I had seen about half of Dragonball, was really into DBZ at one point and went in expecting the worst. Not something I would pay to see, but I was still pretty entertained by the sheer cheesiness.
Really dissapointed in this movie, especially the short running time, i hate short movies. I've pretty much seen all of Dragonball/Z/GT. I hope the dvd/blu-ray has a much longer director's cut.
Crap. The only reason I had for seeing it was James Marsters, but six minutes? I think he had more screen time in "P.S., I Love You."

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