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April 08 2009

Jane Espenson will be on the Battlestar Galactica panel at Paleyfest. If that isn't exciting enough, Seth Green will be the Special Guest Moderator.

She wrote a Dollhouse, she needs to come to that one, too.

Since, you know, that's the one I'll be there for.
b!X, I have a feeling she will be there for that one too. She was in the audience for the Buffy event last year.

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Sweet! Love Jane. I'm sure she'll be talking more about her role in Caprica so that'll be interesing. Hope she pops in on the Dollhouse panel.

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::sob sob sob::

I. Can't. Go.

::cry cry cry::

...Oh, but fyi everyone who doesn't already know: once the Paley Centers archive the festival video tapes in their LA and NY offices, anyone can go there and watch the taped panels.

::feeling only slightly itty bit better::

[ edited by ProgGrrl on 2009-04-09 16:35 ]
Still can't get over that Seth Green is doing the talk on BSG. Every time I see that I think, "Hey, don't you belong over on the Dollhouse side??"

Wishes I had the tickets for this. Alas, it was one of the first to sell out. :(
@korkster: Well, Green's BSGlove is well-documented...but the only better panel moderator for this would've been Le Whedon, IMO. Looks like Sackhoff isn't attending, so he'd be able to keep his on-stage swooning to a minimum. :-D

[ edited by ProgGrrl on 2009-04-09 18:37 ]
Ms. Jane wrote the funniest/best ep of BSG this season.

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