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April 09 2009

Jeffrey Bell talks about his new show Harper's Island. The show premieres in the US tonight, April 09th, at 10pm on CBS. Cast members include Whedon guest-alums Richard Burgi (Firefly) and Christopher Gorham (BtVS).

It's had some horrible reviews but the premise intrigues me.
Me too Simon. Me Too.
Yeah, could be cool, a genuine horror TV show is an interesting idea. And Chris Gorham is usually good value.

As an aside, he mentions 'Ten Little Indians' which was originally published as 'Ten Little Niggers'. Different times.

(and it's interesting that of the three stories mentioned, 2 feature killers that had appeared to be earlier victims and 2 feature multiple killers as explanations for an apparently impossible crime. Might be a red herring of course)
It actually gets a decent review in today's Washington Post.
The premise and the interactivity really intrigue me. And I had no clue Chris Gorham was on an episode of Buffy.
Wow, based on that review, I'm definitely in.

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