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April 09 2009

Julie Benz added to the list of Whedonverse guests for this year's Dragon Con. Julie Benz, better known to many as Darla, has been added to the 2009 Dragon Con guest list.

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They don't even mention she plays the friggin' adorable Rita on "Dexter"...why?
I'm very excited about Julie coming. She was great in 2004 and was very kind to our staff and con goers. I am very glad she decided to come back again!

FYI I could post these announcements on here much sooner than they appear on the Dragon*Con website if I had posting privileges on Whedonesque as I find out about them in advance.

Wayne Hutchinson
Dragon*Con Staff
Whedon Universe Track Director
If you have an account you have posting privileges Wayne.
Yep, just click 'Post Story' up at the top there (between 'About' and 'Recent Comments') and you're away.

That said, it might constitute self-linking ? Mod only knows ;).
They do mention Dexter if you click on the full bio. :)

Now that I'm done choking (from excitement) on my Diet Coke...I think I'll go do a happy dance. Note to self: Do not eat or drink while reading the updated D*C list!
I started watching Dexter for the first time yesterday. I loved to see Julie in it, she's a wonderful actress.
It's a wonderful show. I'm jealous of anyone getting to experience it for the first time.
Wayne-You could post it early for us on Live Journal. We have no issues with self-promotion or link-proof. :)

Looking forward to seeing you at Dragon Con again this year!!!
I don't have a Post New Story. I am logged in and it my options are:

Home . Archives . About . Recent comments . Shop . Search

I may be having a blond moment here. Sorry.

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