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April 09 2009

Bid for lunch with Nathan Fillion. The auction runs through April 16. All proceeds benefit The Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

Adrienne Shelly, of course, directed Nathan in Waitress, before she was killed. The foundation created in her name supports young women filmmakers.

Now this will go for silly money! Good for the charity, not so much for the ordinary person! :)
oh, and fair play to Nathan Fillion for doing this...bound to end up with a nutter of a fan for an hour and a half!
Yes...Free Shipping!
Nathan is awesome for doing this, such a good guy. Although personally I'd love to see something like this done as a raffle. $100 tickets or something, wouldn't that raise more money in the long run? The bidding is already out of my price range.
A nice write up afterwards from the lucky winner, I hope.
It is a great cause but of all the things that they mention of Nathan's work, no mention of Dr. Horrible!?!
Wow, only 18 year olds are allowed to bid! Everyone else must be accompanied by an adult!
My company firewall blocks ebay - what's the bidding up to?
BrewBunny, at the moment, the bidding is at $1,026.88, and there's still a week left on the auction.

Awesome idea, a great cause, and kudos to Nathan for doing this.
US $1,026.88

We can do better than that.
If you fail the background check, you forfeit the prize. What constitutes failure? LOL I'm a celebrity stalker and an ax-murderer. Do I pass?
If you fail the background check, you forfeit the prize. What constitutes failure?

If you were involved in the incident at La Cantina during Backup Bash, you fail.
Just FYI, the winning bid was 5204.45. Love the .45 cents. For some reason that cracks me up.

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