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April 09 2009

The good news: Joss has a title for Dr. Horrible 2. So Nathan reports in this mainly Castle-oriented interview with the TV Squad. Short, but sweet.

Well, that's something positive to come out of this deeply weird day. Sounds like the wheels might be starting to turn a bit.
Can't comment.... must panic.... just kidding that is great to hear, I hope it isn't like Alan saying what nathan had said about joss saying about Serenity...

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I think this will be Act IV from what Neil Patrick Harris said.
I wonder what the Sequel Title is...
For some reason I'm picturing Joss going down a Young Frankenstein route with Dr Horrible trying to reanimate Penny.
Simon I agree 102%, or so, maybe 102 proof, I don't know.
I guess the Doc Killed Penny but.... he didnt exactly pull the trigger sooo.... I wonder who she would haunt...
"Could you lend a Corporeal Hand? To give touch who those who need it?"
the mayor (but not THE MAYOR) "Agh a Ghost!"
Good news...very good to hear right now what with the crappy Dollhouse news going on.
That is good news. Remember that Joss himself said:
Thatís a big dealóif it has a title, you canít just turn your back on it.

Heh, I considered quoting that myself, JMaloney. But then I was lazy.
Yeap, my personal idea for a sequel was Dr. Horrible trying to ressurect Penny. He dreamed of his pure girl, but while awake he sees a Penny mirage who blames him for his death. Captain Hammer will be at a retire, learning how to take his strong back with a master like Mr. Miyagi/ Pai Mei (even fighting ducks!). When Dr. is almost bringing Penny back, Hammer comes up, both of them fight and tey're struck by the lighting who ressurects Penny and send the contenders to a coma.
More Horrible.
Mo' Horrible is mo' bettah!
The Sing-Along Blog was the perfect Origin Story for the Dr.
And as far a Penny coming back? You don't come back from a big-assed piece of shrapnel where she got it.
She dead, which is the perfect place for her to be for the Dr's angstyness.

You don't think there was wonderflonium in that shrapnel and it bounced and that Captain Hammer lost some of his steelness and like where did that go...

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