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April 09 2009

If you want to complain about Dollhouse episode 13 not airing. Then Dollverse has those handy Fox contact details for you. And one very important thing to remember is "they're still deciding if they want to make another series".

So be polite. Sweary rants will never get a look in.

I sent them a polite email that generally said this:
Air it to 13, give the fans what they want and feel you committed to them, then cancel if you must. Then we can be mad at the other networks who don't pick it up.... this is the sitch, I understand if they aren't making money, or enough money, but if they want to change their rep they have to finish their promise... and such.... fair? I don't expect them to dump money into season 2 if the show doesn't make money....

Does anyone else feel this way by the way? I am just wondering. Of coarse I want more, but first I just want what I was told I'd have?

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Agreed about the ranty-ness. I've sent a tweet off asking them to clarify why they've made their decision...futile as it may be to ask. Still just trying to maintain optimism. I know, I'm insane. But, I have hope and faith. Just wanna avoid the trick.

I wish they'd just weigh in, though. As previously mentioned... PR nightmare. Good grief. X|
I tweeted a simple something like "please air episode 13, thank you." because I couldn't be bothered to think of a better way to phrase that within 142 characters.
I was very polite in my facebook post and email. It was hard for me, but people say that honey works better than vinegar, so I figure I'd give it a try. Personally I'd leave both the honey and vinegar alone for some tea or soda, but that's me. ETA: Also whiskey or vodka.

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It's probably good that link directs people away from here too, I am smelling a massive slowdown on the sight due to traffic, thats just my guess though.
I sent a Tweet asking them to please reconsider airing ep 13, as we want to see ALL of the episodes.
Dropped a cordial email and a tweet. It feels like they are guaranteeing DVD sales by not airing the finale. Manipulation all around.

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