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September 07 2003

Jake 2.0 premieres this Wednesday on UPN For those that don't know, this show is run by former Buffy and Angel writer/producer David Greenwalt. It also stars Christopher Gorham, who played James in 'I Only Have Eyes for You.'

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It's up against Angel, but as Angel's still in reruns ('Orpheus' this week), it's a good chance to check this show out.

Ah dunno. Wouldn't wanna get hooked on a show that's opposite Angel. My life is complicated enough. *smirk*
It's a pretty easy choice for me. Besides, my local TV critic, whose opinions are generally pretty accurate, ripped it to shreds.
I saw promos for it this weekend, and the ultimate upgrade of humanity has perhaps the worst hair I've ever seen on a show.
Jack, I thought the same thing! You'd think the hero would try to be a bit more, er, tv friendly?
The choice is absolutely easy for me, since I don't get UPN. (A fact that, now that Buffy's over, no longer really bothers me.)
I'll check it out. I'll give anything any of the Buffy writers do a chance (with the possible exception of Rebecca Rand-Kirschner). I watched Miracles because of David Greenwalt's involvment and was treated to a wonderful show that just didn't fit in at ABC.

I hate networks.

I doubt it'll be good enough to force me to find a way to record it while I watch Angel, but we'll see.
I'm genuinely amazed how much I still miss "Miracles", even though it was pretty clear early on that ABC was going to dump it (if they ever got around to actually *showing* it). But again, no UPN. And I'm *very* eager to see what Season 5 of "Angel" looks like.
So no one going to watch The Mullets, I take it?

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