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April 09 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse episode 11 promotional photos. Five promotional photos from episode 11, including one of a special guest star.


[ edited by gossi on 2009-04-09 20:40 ]
Yes he was listed in the press blurb as the designer. Anyhow I've amended the entry to avoid confusion.
Eliza looks really pretty.

[ edited by Septimus on 2009-04-09 20:38 ]
I think if we stick to "Eliza looks real pretty" type comments then people might get not spoiled accidently.
righteously cool but l do want 2 see alpha still down with the characters being named after the navy's phonetic alphabet
I do not like that expression on Boyd's face. At all.
Many apologies Simon, I'm still new to this.
Ah don't worry about it. Wacky fun as some bloke once said :).
Where is the press blurb?
It's a Jane Espensode! :D
With a fairy tale theme and the thing we're not taking about! OMG so awesome!
Sunfire: the press blurb was in that spoiler thread from yesterday (the one that gave the heads up about episode 12 being the finale).
Ah, thanks. Totally forgot about that thread in the aftermath of that thread.
So as not to cause any spoilerage, I will limit my response to: Squeee!
Wait, totally missed something. Linkage to the thread that Sunfire said had aftermath? Thanks!

Oh, and add a NATO-"squee" for me too.
I wish I could have sculpted arms like Eliza.

And Olivia has some guns too.
Hooray for special guest star!
Wow. I can't wait!
So as not to cause any spoilerage, I will limit my response to: Squeee!

I wonder who is pointing that gun at?

And also, Eliza does indeed look very pretty. :)

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