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April 09 2009's 20 Memorable Mall Scenes. Includes Buffy, though it's not any of the scenes (like, say, from "Innocence") you might expect.

Instead, it's the apocryphal first meeting between Buffy and Merrick in the 1992 movie.

First thing I thought about was Buffy and Joyce in "Bad Eggs".
Innocence was the first thing tht came to mind for me, too.
Innocence, and Robin's music video in HIMYM...!!!
Totally went to Brodie in 'Mallrats' first but I could kiss this feature for reminding me of the glory that is 'Chopping Mall'.
Odd list in that it's mostly movies and misses out on "Innocence" from Buffy and "Let's Go To The Mall" from HIMYM. Why are there two mall cop movies? Is this the big new thing?
I was thinking of the Buffy/Joyce scene as well. Certainly not anything from the original movie...
I think the list is all scenes from movies, hence being the Buffy movie and no Lets Go To The Mall - this song started playing in my head as soon as I read the link title. (edit - actually a couple are TV shows, bit odd, pretty fun list anyways).

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Well, it did have the mall-scene from Gilmore Girls, so not fully a movie-list...
I thought Buffy vs. Judge. That was in a mall, right?
That's what I was referring to - it was supposed to be a movie theatre in a mall. The Bad Eggs food court occured to me second.
The Buffy and Dawn scene in 'Entropy', where they're shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, is always good for a laugh. There's an incredibly obvious bodyguard walking right behind them, looking shiftily about at the passers by while keeping an eye on the girls.
(Not to mention- why go to LA without visiting Angel and the Fang Gang, anyway?)
I'm not positive about "Innocence," but "Bad Eggs" was filmed at the old Sherman Oaks Galleria, also seen in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" and a bunch of other movies, but it was completely remodeled as an open-air mall a few years afterwards.
Yeah, I immediately thought of "Innocence" too--and indeed couldn't think of other scenes. Forgot about "Bad Eggs." And didn't think of "Entropy," since it's all sunlighty and I don't think of malls that way....
I thought Buffy vs. Judge. That was in a mall, right?
Liam Mars | April 10, 00:56 CET

Now that's a great mall scene & in fact one of my favorite scenes from "early" BtVS.
A film starring Woody Allen I knew nothing about? Thank you list!

Love the "Innocence" scene. Mallrats is pretty good also (best Kevin Smith film, I think).

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