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April 09 2009

(SPOILER) E! Dishes Setting Info on Episode 13. Contains a MASSIVE spoiler about the last episode. You have been warned.

That just sounds fucking amazing. I definitely want to see it. OMG I want it now!

With this new setting, does that change any of your present personal beliefs/moral issues with Dollhouse? I'm thinking, "heck yeah!"
I need to see how it handles to see if it changes my beliefs, especially if it is one big, dream sequence, but I'll stick with my previous-threaded, thirded, holy crap.
I posted this in the other thread, but here...

About the new Spoilers on Epitaph One in that E! article:

1) Now I REALLY want it to air.
2) I sort of felt the show was vaguely heading this way, without ever really knowing why. Some of the set up in MOTS, maybe.
3) That being said, Holy Crap!
I wondered if everyone is going mad, because I can't see any spoiler. Then I noticed that the E Online page has diverted to the UK version. Once I used an web proxy I saw the update that still isn't on the UK site.

Really want to see that episode now.

Fox couldn't have engineered all this to hype this episode, could they? Remember there are people who believe Coke deliberately screwed up New Coke just so they could bring back Original Coke in triumph. Could Fox now say "Okay, thanks to overwhelming fan demand, here's the most talked about episode on the internet, ta da!"
Wait... the ... whahoosit? Please heavily foreshadow this in upcoming episodes, so the buzz can be immense. This better get aired on television in the US, for the show's sake, and not just internationally.
Folks, slow down. forget about what the episode is supposed to show, and try to read and understand the argument they just put forth. It makes no sense! Think about all that you have been told about the show and see if any of that adds up. It just doesn't.
Really bonzob?? You could predict that future with MOTS? Could you explain (even though you might not be able to)?

I wonder what role our dolls will play in such a future. Is this what Adelle has been saying is the *true* mission all along? Wow.

And, yes, I definitely want this to air. It'd be like the *Twin Peaks* phenomenon. Only better & more so!

But, really, for me... if that's what we're gearing towards anyway, then to hell with Angel's motif; what we do here now may not matter at all. So who we are now may not matter either. Sign me up if it means my survival. Call me Kangaroo. ;)

Funny, zz9. Then "bad" news would be *great* news, in this case.
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue come back to the fandom. Interesting times.

Could it be that Fox decided against showing this episode because it seems like it will be a game-changer and take the show in a completely different direction (if not a dream sequence)?

Yeah, it's a dream sequence, isn't it?
I never know what the heck you're talking about anymore, Dana.
I'm not sure I understand what that post was in reference to, Dana. zz9's conspiracy theory (hehe, I like it, but probably not so much)? Or the episode premise?

Either way, I'm a little confused.

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-04-10 00:56 ]
I like my theory. Add the "accidental" "leaks" of Alpha's Lair and the April Fool clip. If I wanted to do some viral hype, get the fanhood buzzing and worked up, I could easily imagine doing those and this Ep13 "cockup".

Look at it this way, Felicia Day is an actress with a few years in the business and a savvy producer in her own right. Yet she puts out a twitter saying her episode isn't going to air and tells people to contact Fox? Would she really do that? Unless someone asked her to....? Ditto the Dr Horrible twitter.

Now, about Area 51 and the Kennedy assassination....
I didn't really predict it at all, just had a vague sense...

Spoilery Speculation:

[ edited by bonzob on 2009-04-10 01:15 ]
Ooh, I really like the idea that the , bonzob. Really really. That would be an AWESOME Season 2 switchup.

[ edited by pat32082 on 2009-04-10 01:18 ]
I like that theory, bonzob. Very cool idea, and also I wouldn't mind if the series took that direction.

Of course, I'd like it to have the chance to take that direction...

ETA invisibility just in case. Though I don't think even bonzob's post could be considered a spoiler for anything except what the linked post spoiled.

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-04-10 01:20 ]
good job on that theory bonzob that is amazing. I just hope they air this and make a second season definitely.
No, seriously, that's effing perfect the more and more I think about it. I need to see that.
This (not the spoiler part, but Bonzob's theory) is what I have been saying for quite a while.

Now that I hear the kind of thing they're imagining, I'm all about it. I really want this to happen.

(Seriously, it's basically DO WANT!)
zz9 re:coke/new coke.
it was used to disguise the switch to corn syrup.
Intriguing theories, bonzob! Even if a fraction of that pans out, Dollhouse has the potential to be riveting.
bonzob, I'm into that scenario like a train.
Holy freaking moly. I have GOT to see that episode!

Erm...I suppose I should now go to Hulu and watch the last couple of episodes I wasn't actually going to bother with huh?
I'd totally sign up for that, bonzob. But then, so much of Dollhouse so far has been about taking us out of our comfort zone and making us think about stuff. It's Joss doing something completely different, telling another type of story to the ones we're used to. I think he's doing that on purpose, if only to show people he can.

And your option, right there, would be totally giving us our comfort zone. It'd be Joss'-other-shows-but-with-a-different-twist, even right down to the themes he often uses. And while I love Joss' other works, more than I do Dollhouse at this point, I'm not sure that that's what this show is supposed to be about. So I'll believe it when I see it.

But, having said that: yeah, I'd very much love that.
espalier, I suspected that, and the HFCS stuff does taste terrible, but apparently they actually switched to HFCS several years earlier. They were 50% HFCS five years earlier and 100% HFCS six months before New Coke.
If you like Real Coke and you're in the US, now is the time of year you can buy Jewish Coke which does not use HFCS. It has yellow caps on the bottles.

Sorry, off topic. Down with Fox! Boo!
... I'm speechless. That's beyond awesome. Who could have ever guessed that? Amazing!
Am I the only one that thinks that getting this spoiler out there is probably a good idea for the future of the show? I mean, this is the kind of thing that could make people and critics take a second look at the show, right?
The link doesn't work for me - has it been taken down?
When I was on my iphone, it didn't work for me Bubblecat...but it works on my PC.
No, it's still up. Try again?
The link has died for me too. There might be something wrong on their end. Maybe the international server broke down or something?
Maybe GVH - it's going nowhere. I now want to know what it said even more! Lol.
It's a weird set up on their site, if you refresh it will pop up eventually.
SOunds more foiler than spoiler but who knows? The DVD buyers of the future months, that's who.
I simply meant that the reasons they gave for not broadcasting the final episode that they filmed make no sense. This was convoluted, Byzantine explanation for why they had 13 episodes, except it really wasn't 13 episodes, but there were 12 episodes, but no, there are 14 in total. The real point I was making is this: Why did they originally put out releases describing a 13-episode arc season, along with information about that 13th episode, if they never had any plans to actually broadcast it. That's what makes no sense to me.
DrHorrible tweeted "If more people watch Dollhouse LIVE, the higher our chances for a 2nd season(AKA airing 13). Pass it on."

Now there's part of me that thinks that they were going to air it, and then decided not to later. Or, Fox is a bit like where I work. The worker bees had decided to, but the Boss can along at the last moment and said "no, I wanna do this instead".
I was thinking along those similar lines. At my work, a client is renegotiating their contract with us, and have decided to look at the terms of the old contract "in a new light" (aka find a way to get out of certain agreements). This may have been what happened here, and Fox Broadcasting found the "wiggle room" they needed not to show Ep 13 and still say that they kept to their promise to the audience.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... remember sometime way back when Felicia mentioned she'd be playing a soldier? Just thinking about the possibilities of this episode makes me drool.


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