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April 09 2009

Nicholas Brendon to guest on "Without a Trace". After that, he'll start filming a Lifetime TV movie.

Plus, is now on Twitter!

Ooh, good. He lost out to a WaT role to James a season or so ago didn't he? Looks like they remembered him! Will look forward to watching that (in several years considering how slowly it comes out in the UK).
I hope he's the missing person they're looking for, that's usually A) a serious role, and B) a prominent role in the episode. Joss alums are also some of the best guest-stars they have -- Christina Hendricks' episode was great (and had Masi Oka!).
Good. I so miss new Nick on my tv!
Good! I don't watch the show (only watched James' episodes actually), but it's a big one and it's always good that Nicky is getting to do some more tv :-)!!
If he is the missing person it could be in the last episode ever, aren't there rumours that it'll be cancelled?
Yep! It's the season finale -- and, potentially, the series finale, as it hasn't been picked up yet.
Looking forward to these things.

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