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April 09 2009

Craft, Fain, Kranz, Lachman, Laurie added to PaleyFest lineup for Dollhouse. So says that Paley tweet and this one. Not yet updated on the panel page itself. This panel occurs next Wednesday, April 15.

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Is there likely to be a recording of this like there was for BtVS last year? I can't make it out there, but wish I could!
This is going to be massively exciting.
I just bought tickets to the Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible panels. OMG!
sunshineguinn: All Paley Center panels are recorded and archived at the two centers. Whether it'll be on DVD is another question. I would guess no.
Hmm. Well, here's hoping it leaks on the internet, at least. :P

Thanks, homewards!
So many people to take photos of, I am quite giddy now.
I'm so excited. Can't wait to see ya'll there.

I'll be Live Twittering as much as possible from @Tabz.
Tickets are still available for this panel, but I am guessing they'll be going fast as we get closer to the event. I was at Man Men last year, and the screen at the Cinerama Dome is big!
Thanx, @Tabz!
I'm going too! Im super excited does anyone know what time were supposed to get there? Im hitting Universal Studios earlier in the day :)
YAY!! *runs around in office; actually spins in chair*

I'm so excited for this! And Dr. Horrible! Can't wait for next week. :D
the Dr. Horrible panel is now sold out
As it should be. :) I was wondering what was taking so long.

*waits for Dollhouse to be sold out*

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