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April 09 2009

(SPOILER) Clip from tonight's Dollhouse episode "A Spy in The House of Love". And Eliza talks about that particular scene here.

Mmmm. Echo in leather with a whip. I may have to do a bit of watch-rewind-repeat on this episode.

Sucks we have a week break afterwards, though. Also sucks about Epitaph One not airing. And the fact that a 2nd season renewal is still up in the air, that sucks too. There's a lot of sucking going on. And I'm not even counting my daydreams after watching this clip.

Mmmm. Echo in leather with a whip.
Here is a clip with Eliza talking about the scene. For some reason, it is edited so that the line "for the dominatrix scene" is repeated like four times.
Cool. Love the Anais Nin shout out.
Animal Mother, I noticed that too. I'm generally annoyed by editing that tries to draw attention to things like that. Especially for a clip that is so short.

That's pretty much all I can say right now.
Awesome. Eliza was killer in that clip! I love how she whips the handler.. "it's love, show some respect." :D
LOL @ "She wants to be kidnapped by a pirate."

And was that a product placement for the car? If not, it was still a nice shot, but if it WAS a paid endorsement, it was VERY well done.
Droolhouse? Holey moley.
That's todays episode? Hot damn..

I'm expecting fried tv's all over the world :o
I think these are the first new promo-featurettes we've seen besides the weekly trailers since the beginning of the show.
I am happy on behalf of all the people who find this appealing.
Who was looking at the CAR?
And the female empowerment just keeps rollin' along.
Am I the only one who thinks that costume was stolen from the Xena set?
I want to hire out British Victor. Pwease? I would play nice. I would just make him pull faces for me to gawk over.
Victor's accent - hee :)
Okay, call me weird, but Eliza + that outfit just doesn't really work for me.
Considering past spoilers and the accent, I think it's safe to make an assumption about the identity of Miss Lonely Hearts. Echo whipping Ramirez is just hilarious.
Ok, that's the most un-Eliza, un-Faith, un-anything I've seen her. (Chops!) Thankfully the funny balances it all out.
Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing about Miss Lonely Hearts as well, sarahi. Particularly based on what I remember about the casting sides.
The casting sides gave that point away a year ago. I was so sure it was thrown out, but considering it was on of my favorite moments of anything I have read in a long while, I'm very glad it remained.
Yeah, all the foreshadowing () suggest that Miss Lonely Hearts is indeed who sarahi says she is.

Plus, until now they have used all their original story ideas (twist with Victor, the character of November, Alpha’s story arc etc.), so I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t use this one also.
The scene in the van has subtext beneath subtext. Nice high- and low-art swirl. Or should I say nasty? ;-)

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Well, knowing who Miss Lonely Hearts is is a new thing to me! Didn't even see it coming!

Who was looking at the CAR?

LOL! Ah, exactly. What car? Anyone else find it funny that we are the same people who resisted the objectification of women in this series & yet here we are? Gives me further proof that this show purposely pokes fun and mixes up our own values.

Pointy, I would love to see a blog about the subtext beneath subtext. ;)

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